Thursday, July 30, 2009

Collective Haul, Y'all

Hey Chicas! Like I said I'm gona do a collective haul. I'm going to show you guys stuff I got from CCO, Lush, MUA, and something from ebay. Yay, let's get rolling....

LUSH, CCO (yes, CCO not MAC. they just used MAC plastic bag), Ebay

First up, Bugs bunny slippers!!! I just want some slipper I can use around my room. Good for winter =)

Here's what I got from CCO (Tanger outlet in Wisconsin Dells). Got really excited since its been awhile since I went to a CCO store. Left to Right: MAC lusterglass in Bateaux, MAC e/s quad in Tempting Eye (from the Cult of Cherry collection I believe) and MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre. All of these are discounted which is amazing, and on top of that, Wisconsin has only 6% tax =))) SWEET.

MAC Tempting Eye quad colors. Left to Right: Dark Edge, Sharp, Tempting, Next to Nothing

MAC lusterglass in Bateaux. I'm not into lipgloss, but this one is just PURE LOVE. I love how lusterglass comes with brush applicator, not sponge; you can tell theres difference between the two. I might start collecting more of these. :)

Now, some LUSH stuff!!! I only got 3 since I don't want to splurge my money on just trying a new product. (and tax in Chicago is a whopping 10.7%. If only they have LUSH in Wisconsin) I got 2 emotibombs (emotibombs are like these stuffs that u put on shower. What u do is put it on the shower floor, turn the water on (put it in warm/hot water), then the bomb fizzles and suppose to release these aromatic scent that will just diffuse all throughout the bathroom.good stuff) and 1 soap. From left to right: Up You Gets emotibomb, Sex in the Shower emotibomb, and Sandstone soap (this smells hellllaaa nice. Citrussy with some hint of coconut I believe, and it has sandstone in grave in it and can be use as a buffer/scrub)

Now, onto my MUA haul. Thanks Bel Hun for these amazing items! =)

From Upper Left Clockwise: Stila E/S Quad in Marrakesh, Cherry culture gloss (extra), Givenchy Fragrance (extra), MAC e/s pans, Clinique blush which I forgot the name (extra)

MAC e/s pans :) L to R: Amber Lights, Bitter, Da bling

Da bling, Bitter, Amber Lights

BTW, I forgot to include this in my previous haul...I bought my very first MAC pro palette :) From now on, I'm gona start on pans. It's more convenient and saves storage space. I'm getting more MAC e/s soon! :)

Stila Quad. I've been wanting to try this one, but refuse to splurge some $$ on this (this quad cost like $38 in sephora :/ )

Comes with a mirror

I don't know the names for these e/s, but they are really pretty and shimmerish. Stila has like one of the best texture when it comes to eyeshadows. It's soft but not powder-y or messy, and highly pigmented as you can see.

Swatch from the Clinique blush.

I hope you enjoy looking at these stuff =) I'll prolly do some reviews on couple of these stuffs, but I can't promise that. I hope you guys enjoy your day! Stay pretty everyone xoxo


  1. Great haul!!
    Just stumbled onto your blog and it's a great read. come and check out mine if you get a chance.

  2. ohh i have yet to try lush!
    no lush where i come from :(
    cool your MAC pans are growing congrats!

    hehe i have the same stila marrakesh
    its soo shimmery & pigmented nice color combo!
    soft pinkish hue to golden brown..depth

  3. Wow..nice hauls ..makes me wanna go get more MAC cosmetics^^;

  4. i am so curious about lush products. but i cant stand the mixed scents inside the store :(

    labas agad ako.

  5. Wow, that's some haul!! Great products, have fun with them!

  6. Love the Haul, gorgeous colors! I'm debating if i should buy a MAC Pro Palette myself!


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