Sunday, July 19, 2009

Collective Haul YAY!

Let's take a break from product reviews, as you guys prolly find it boring lol. This haul was almost 2 months in the making. Why 2 months? Because it mainly consists of things that came from my sweet boyfriend. ;) The last package came in today, so yeah..its bout time to put an end to the gift-giving, spoilage saga.The stuff that you are going to see are gifts for my 2 monsaries (June and July), MUA swap, and some stuff i bought from drugstore and online. :)

I'm not trying to brag items I bought or my boyfriend got me. Me and my boyfriend are currently in a long distance relationship, which is extremely hard :((( It looks like a lot for a monsary gift(s)... but I would trade all of these, including ALL my makeup stuff, in a heartbeat just to be with him
: ((((

Anyways, let's get down and dirty lol.

First up is the Non-makeup haul. All of these are from my baby : )

YAAAAY! Yes... I LOOOOVEE Collecting stuff toys, and he got me all my favorite ones :D

From Upper Left, Clockwise: Panda I named Billie Jean (in Memory of the great MJ, I received her the day after MJ died. :[ ), Yellow plush rose, Domo, Elmo, Toad, Powerpuff girls yaaay (Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles), Slingshot Monkey that we named Monk.

Solar Bobbleheads. If a light hits the solar thingy majigs, their heads "bobbles" from side to side.

hehe...Victoria'a Secret undies. enough said ;)

This was actually from his lil sister. I got her a hello kitty bag and in return she gave me these, plus some chocolates. Soo cute. :)

Now, to the makeup stuff. :D

Ok. Not all of these are from the Bf, like I said earlier. I got stuff from MUA swap and my own haulage :)

Hehe :)

I FINALLY GOT A NARS ORGASM BLUSH!!! I'm soo excited to try it on. Also, he got me a MAC lippy in Fanfare and Clinique Pore minimizer t-zone shine control. LOVED THEM :) [Swatches in the future :)]

My MUA recent swap with Mandy :) Finally got a MAC blot powder in Dark (yes, I use dark. I'm medium dark but I prefer my setting powder to be a shade darker than mine. It's a blot powder anyways, its not really going to show up) She gave me 2 Nyx E/S in Aqua and Cotton Candy as extras! Mandy if you are reading this, thank you hun! :) [Swatches in the future:)]

And last is my own haulage. :) I got me some small blades for my brows (left), Maybelline great lash mascara (heard good stuff bout this, so I decided to try it!), Lash grip for some falsies (I've never used falsies before, I've received one from one of my swapper as extras and wanted to try it on!), and last but definitely not least is my MAC pigment samples from [Swatches in the future:)]

That's about it... I hope you enjoy these. I'll prolly have more soon lol. Thank you for all of you whose following me. WOW... 19 now?? On my last post I just mentioned 15. YAAY! I love all of you! Once again, Thank youuu soo much chicas for dropping by and taking the time to read all my babblings. I really enjoy reading stuff from you guys so I hope this will be a hobby for as long as I can do this. Take care all of you, and remember, to stay pretty, not only on the outside but most importantly, inside. xoxo


  1. I love powerpuff girls???!!!
    and DEXTER's Laboratory!!!

    regarding bf: masakit mahapdi talaga pag nami miss ang bf...

    but, that feeling will train you to be independent, and strong...

  2. Huuge haul!^^
    Did you try the great lash mascara already?
    Do you like it? I wanted to try it out, but I hear so many different opinions on it!*lol*

  3. oh oh oh! I like the Domo and powerpuff girls! yey!

  4. hey you have a domo! that's really cool!


  5. I have a very similar looking Hello Kitty bobble like the one you have!! Nice collective haul :D

  6. a great find for panda fanatic!
    my roommate and i LOVE this bag

  7. thanks bellas! left you all messages :D

  8. xoxo~ I like your toys collection! Actually my son like it too :P


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