Thursday, July 16, 2009

Everyday,subtle look =)

Hello Chicas. Here's another look I played around the other day. Nothing flashy or over the top, just a simple, everyday look :)

(They're not the same, aaaccckkk!)


Here's what I used....

- Merle Norman Crease Resistant Shadow Base (the beige thing right beside the palette)
- Wales Palette
- Benefit Bad Gal Mascara
- Lips : MAC lippy on buoy-o-buoy and NYX lipgloss in rust
- Cheeks: Covergirl Blush (no clue what its called :/)

Brushes (From Left to right from pic above) CS Black sable brush (packing shadow on lid), CS Italian Badger Round Crease Brush (Defining crease), Lauren Hutton Eyeliner Brush (for eyeliner) CS tapered crease brush (for crease and blending)

Now for some vanity :p

Hmmm.... MAC fanfare or Speed Dial?

Bebot bebot :p

MAC buoy-o-buoy and NYX lipgloss on Rust

What my baby got me for our 9th monsary :)

Forever 21 dress.... only 11 bucks! :))))))

Love you all chicas! Pardon for the Vanity overload... Stay pretty all xoxo


  1. you have natural beauty hun filipina beauty and luv your sexy blue dress (^_~).

  2. you look very simple & pretty,hun!

    love the dress!
    its divine!

  3. Thank you thiamere sweetheart :)


Thanks Bellas for stopping by!!! I'll get back at you as soon as I can. xoxo