Monday, July 13, 2009

French Kiss WIMB contest (my first blog contest entry!)

Len of is having a contest. This is my very first blog contest that i've joined, and I'm pretty excited! :) Just want to spread the word to everyone what this is all about. OR. you can click here to see more information and rules/guidelines in order to join this contest. :)

Girls, i'd love to see what's in your bag! Like i said before, it doesnt have to be designer or name brand anything, just would love to see what you carry. As far as price goes, it will definetely change. It would not be the same as this Glamour To Go palette. Please Read How To Enter. There will not be a winner if less than 10 people enter. But i will add those who has enter to the next 15 days. I will also be featuring your WIMB on here.

How To Enter:

-You must be a FOLLOWER.
-If you have a blog, post about it, link it to my page.

-Post it on Twitter ~ IF YOU HAVE TWITTER.

You have
to Send me an email at with your name and a picture of what's inside your bag. A list of what's in it. Because we dont want repeated questions.

(this is what u gona win! lovely!! :])

Drawing will be every 15 days. So Yes, Twice a month. You can enter twice a month, ofcourse with different pictures. The maximum entry per contestant is 4, this includes you sending me a pic with discriptions, following, your blogpost and Twitter.

If you left me a comment and there was no blog post or/and an email from you with your WIMB, i will not enter you. Sorry ): and Good Luck girls!!!

Spread the word everyone! Now let's get down to business...

My contest entry =)

I know I did blog about my purse the just other day, but me being the girl I am, I love to switch purses at least every 2 weeks. (I usually would just have 2 or 3 faves from time to time, then put them back to my storage and pick-up another 2 or 3 that i could use for a particular season) Now, introducing my purse...

It's Coach Scribble Hampton Weekend Small Tote :)

My boyfriend got me this bag for our monsary. I haven't bought a new purse in awhile because I'm dead broke not having a job and really have to budget my money wisely. Boyfriend felt my pain... so he got me one lol. I didn't beg him to buy me one of course, he just loves me so much :) I like it because it's not big nor too small, just perfect. I got into this big bag trend, but it started to frustrate me when I need to grab something in my bag and I couldn't find it... especially when ur phone is ringing and by the time u reach for it, the person already missed call! Anyways, it's a lovely bag and as soon as I saw it, I feel in love with it. The colors are just gorgeous.The yellow, the orange, and the pink colors... doesn't it just scream summer bag to you? lol.
thanks baby! : )))))

Now, let's take a look what's inside. If you have seen my other purse, it's pretty much the same. :)

Top view

Here's a general look of my stuff.

Now, I'm going to break them all down through pictures :)

2 Wallets. 1 in guess (white, leather one) where i put cash and credit cards. and the other one in Vera Bradley (smaller one, in brown and blue) which is also what I call my "to-go" wallet. If I have run some errands, all I gota do is grab this wallet, put my driver's license, cash and debit card on it, and off I go! :)

3 pens, a post-it, and a notepad. I mentioned before too that as a "fun" fact that I keep at least 2 or 3 pens in my purse and a ketchup packet (which I already used btw for my onion rings today :(. gota, get another one to put on my bag :)) I don't know why but I just do. I need to have a notepad everywhere I go as much as possible. I sometimes would have a thought/idea pop out of nowhere that i need to jot down ASAP as i tend to have a short memory span. I guess this is what being a nursing student does to you... :p

Car Phone Charger, Wipes, Excedrin, Mints, Check book, Lotion. I suffer from bad migraines from time to time : ( so I definitely have to have this with me. I used to have a midol too on my bag, just ran out of it. Lotion is by Bath and Body in Velvet tuberose.. OMG, love the smell. :) I just recently bought the car phone charger; talking on the phone with your bf all day long who is currently living 2,000 miles away from you, you'll understand. :)

Now, my beauty stuff...

Kabuki brush, Beauty Bag, Comb/Mirror compact

What's inside:

Ponytail/Scrunchies, MAC blot powder, MAC Hello Kitty pink fish, Burt's bees, Tampon, Blotting paper, Hand Sanitizer, Elf blush, Contact lens case, Wetting drops, Hello Kitty Band-aid. I love my MAC pink fish. It smells like white chocolate, i feel like eatin it lol! I definitely need to get a new blot powder. I love burt's bees because it has that soothing and cooling sensation once applied to lips. Ponytails definitely a must especially this summer as it gets really hot in mid-day! I really don't have much inside my makeup/beauty bag, just things that I know I would definitely use all the time :)

And that's about it! I hope you like this purse. I also want to see other ladies' purses as well! Join this contest and share what u got on ur purses chicas! Don't forget to follow len's blogspot!

Stay pretty everyone! xoxo


  1. Hey girl! i love your WIMB but i need about just two pics. im so sorry! Please choose your two!

  2. Hey Len! Sorry bout that... i'll send u my 2 pictures thru email! thanks!


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