Saturday, July 11, 2009

Makeupalley Haul-age =)

I've been a member of for almost 2 months now and I'm loving it! I never thought there's a place where u can swap/trade your own makeup and what not that you don't like or use much for something you can use and/or would like to try. I first heard of makeupalley on one of fafinettex3's video where she said she don't want to use one of her clinique products and possibly swap it of on this website... and the rest is history. I'm glad I found makeupalley. Instead of buying stuff online, maybe look for the item you want on the website and ask the person to trade it off for any of your items. The only thing that u gota pay is shipping, is that simple? You prolly thinking "aaaaaackkk?! Used make-up?! that's gross!"... well it's not just USED makeup, some people would trade off Brand New stuff. Yes, you are swapping at your own risk as you really don't know the condition of the product until it arrives at ur place. But please, swapping makeup and pretty much anything? Its good stuff :D

Im just going to share to you what I've received recently. Here are from my last 2 packages....

(From Claire, 3 samples also included)

Blush (unknown product)

Smashbox eyeshadow trio in Multi-flash

My thoughts: I love Smashbox. But when I got the the eyeshadow, I look at it and I have that gut feeling this one is not gona work for me. So i tested the brown/darkest shade and yup, was right. its too light. However the blush looks good. I have no idea what the brand is.( If anyone know please let me know) So yeah....sadly, I guess I have to put the smashbox up on my list for trade again. If you want this item, see my makeupalley profile (Jbreezy :]) and message me!

(From Kristy)

One of the NYX eyeshadow chipped off completely :(

NYX eyeshadow in Cool Blue, Halaiwa, Farhenheit, Pink Platinum, Skin, Algae, and Ballerina
NYX Lipgloss with Mega Shine in Rust
NYX lipgloss with megashine (Goddess of the night) in Oro
Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds Liquid in Marquise Peach

My thoughts: I got all of these BN. These are my very first NYX single eyeshadows (I have the trios and i love them!) and Oh my God, I love it! The only thing that bummed me is that one of the eyeshadow (in SKIN) got chipped/broken, so i have to put it on one of my empty jar.... aaaaand on top of that, it doesnt pop on my skin. But anyhow, the other 6 e/s are beautiful. They're not too "flashy" if you know what I mean, its something that you can wear everyday without looking like a clown; pigmented yet soft. The NYX lipgloss are nice... I wouldn't really say a favorite of mine but it is something I can wear from time to time. What I really like bout the NYX lipgloss (these are my first 2 nyx lipgloss btw) is the texture. Not like the Clinique lipgloss which are toooo sticky, these glide very well on my lips when applied. I'm not a fan of lipgloss to be honest, but since owning these I might get more :D On the other hand, Maybelline Wet Shine lipgloss was a disappointment. I think I chose the wrong color, it doesn't show at all! But its all good, maybe I can use it as a clear one.

Here's Some Swatches for you ladies :)

(thanks sissy for being my guinea pig. CLICK on the picture for bigger view)

(my forearm now)

That's it for now. Stay pretty chicas!!! :)


  1. Hey sweetie, welcome to the blog world. thanks for visiting and following. I added you back as well.

  2. Awww thanks hun! Yes, this blogging this is addicting haha. The yacht looks huge, I've never to one before! I bet that was fun with your cousin. stay pretty :)

  3. I have Cool Blue :D! NYX squares are so cute ^_^.
    Oh, and welcome to blogging :).

  4. Hey Hun, I know it's absolutely gorgeous! Halaiwa is almost the same but its more sheer. I love all of them :D


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