Friday, July 10, 2009

My skincare product

So, I've just bought a new skincare line from The Body Shop called Seaweed Collection and so far I'm loving it!

Having a combination/oily skin type is no fun and games at all and throughout this time, I've been searching for the right skincare line. I can't say that the Seaweed collection really works since I've been using it for only 2 weeks, but so far it has given me good result and it's pretty much the only skincare product i've used that didn't broke me out for the first week. When you are trying a new product, it is quite expected that you will broke out from it as the skin is not familiar with it...yet. Of course, this is not the same for everyone, but a lot of people gets discourage right away. Give it some time to get use to your skin. One of the keys to getting good results is being consistent. Yes, it will take a month at least to get the result you're looking for in a product, but it is worth it!

My thoughts on the Seaweed Collection:

Like I said, I've only been using this product for 2 weeks so I can't say much about it. I like it so far. The lady in the Body shop gave me samples of this product and guess what, I'm still using the samples until this day. I bought the starter kit, I kinda don't want to jump on it right away...and if samples in a 5mL jar last me for 2 weeks, betcha the starter kit will last me long :) The first thing that stuck with me is the smell. It has that light, refreshing scent to it. When using the facial gel cleanser, it has that slight tingling sensation to it that makes u feel fresh and rejuvinating after every wash. Second step is the toner and just like the cleanser, it has that hint of tingling sensation once it touches ur skin. Now this product has 2 moisturizer, one is clarifying night treatment which is use obviously at night, and the second one is the mattifying day cream which is use in the day. Both just works fine, I say the mattifying cream doesn't really do its job for me so far. I'm still oily througout the day (I've already convinced myself it is virtually impossible to stay matte the whole day. If someone wants to challenge my belief, you are very welcome to do so :]) but the Clinique pore minimizer T-zone shine control helps reduce my "oil-age".

for more information regarding this skincare line visit the body shop website :)

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