Monday, July 13, 2009

Ok, this one is REALLY my first look.. :)

I love purple.. what's wrong with me. I did a post about my "first" look, but this one was really my first look. I forgot about it until I was "cleaning out" my photobucket pictures. I stumbled upon this. I love purple what can I say, can't get enough of them :)

Here's the look.... *drum roll*....

(I know, I need to trim my brows)

GET THE LOOK! Here's what I've used....

** UDPP, ELF eyeshadow brush, NYX round crease brush, NYX jumbo pencil yogurt, Wales Palette (that I decorated with Hello Kitty stickers LOL) and MAC e/s in satellite dreams**

I love love love MAC satelitte dreams!

Sooo pigmented :)

The Look :) Sorry I didnt take a close-up pic.

I'm not a pro obviously, nor can I make a great eye make-up look (like other beautiful ladies out there! :)) I'm just in the process hehe.... So if you ladies out there can help me improve my makeup skills, please do share ur tips! :)

Let me know what you think. Stay pretty everyone!!! :)


  1. that's a nice EOTD
    purple seems to be everybody's best friend

    you look great,hun!
    your lashes are gorgeous!

  2. hey hun! thank you :))... im in love with purple! thanks for stopping doll! take care! xoxo

  3. i like puple and hot pink it's really pigmented and this is wearable look ! have pretty long lashes dear *envy mode* hihi.

  4. @ Louie- awwww thanks sis! i know i love the palette they're highly pigmented. got it from makeupalley and I'm happy with it. :)


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