Friday, July 17, 2009

On the Spot: Cargo OneBase Cream Foundation

How I came across this item? Me and my sister took a visit to Sephora in Chicago last year. I've been saving my money to get a good concealer under my eyes and occasional problem spot since the Clinique Concealer stick that I recently purchased at that time was dark for me. One of the MA recommended this.. it's a foundation slash concealer. She sounded like she knows what she was talking about, so I bought it :D

My thoughts? As much as I applaud the MA who recommended me this item, unfortunately she gave me the wrong color at that time :( She gave me the darkest one, which at first looked the right shade for me. But when I was applying it on myself, instead of it covering my problem area... it appeared to be staining my skin more. yes staining. I'm like wtf... why does it look darker on me? I know when u use a concealer darker than ur skin, it just simple looks darker. But the number 4 shade looked like my skin absorbed the liquid and made my skin looked stained. So for some time I doubted this product. I was absolutely mad how I spent $24 on something I can't even use or replace that easily since I live 2 hours away from Chicago. Fortunately, this thing works for my sister as she has darker skin complexion than mine.

I gave it a try one more time when I went to SF with my boyfriend 2 months ago. Bought the shade (got number 3 now) lighter than my first one. (once again, I got the number 4 which is the darkest) All I can say is I'm glad I gave this product one more shot. If you know me, when I try a product, first impression IS extremely important. I get easily discouraged if I didnt like a product. I asked myself "what about this product that made you upset? Isn't it just the color? What if you got a color lighter than what u have right now?" I can't completely say it was a let down cuz let's face it, the only problem I had with it was at that time it was the wrong color. But I get pessimistic easily, but then even if it went dark on my skin, I did notice it covered my blemishes. I didnt broke out on the product at all. I got the right color now and I am just in amazed by this product. This is, by far, the most long wearing concealer I've had. Coverage is great; especially under the eyes. Another thing I like about this product how lightweight this is. You don't feel, and look, like you had any concealer at all. The MA was telling me something about this product how it has some "natural" ingredients to it that once put on contact with skin, it eliminates redness/blemish/dark spots. I definitely agree with the redness, since i had some of those around my nostrils and especially near the nose area. You know how they tell us that whenever we want to have good coverage whether we want to use foundation or concealer, we should build it rather putting a lot to prevent cakey-ness? I've put a lot on my skin, just for the heck of it, and it didn't cake at all. I don't know if it was the product or maybe my skin was too oily but, at least it didnt made my skin look blotchy.

Would I recommend this product? YES. AB.SO.LUTE.LY. :D If you have sensitive or oily like I do, this is a good concealer for you. Its blendable, not cake-y, not heavy, and long lasting. Just make sure you get the right color :D

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