Thursday, July 16, 2009

On the Spot: Essence of Beauty Foundation Brush

How I came across this product? First time I heard of essence of beauty brushes is from aubrey of fafinettex3. As a self-proclaimed makeup newbie still, I'm still too chicken to buy expensive/high end brushes at the moment. I know I've been a makeup freak for 2 years now but splurging your money on expensive brushes still seems to be a crazy idea for me. Besides, theres tons and i mean TONS of good quality brushes out there that u can buy for a fraction of a highend brand price. So I guess that's pretty much the reason why I'm not soo gaga when it comes to expensive makeup brushes. So yeah... I already had a foundation brush of the same brand ( I bought the duo brush kit. So I had the foundation with concealer duo brush. If you know Michelle Phan on youtube, thats the same brush she's been using to apply concelear. pretty popular brush and i love it!) but using it for a year now it starts to fray. So I bought a new one this year and just by it self =)

My thoughts? Oh I absolutely love this brush! I don't want to say its the best foundation brush out there since this is the only foundation brush I've owned so far. The bristles are soft and it doesn't shed on me everytime i wash it. The size is just perfect; its bigger than the duo brush therefore gives u better coverage. It doesn't "poke" you at all despite the fact the bristles are synthetic. (I owned some synthetic brushes and they poke me all the time :( ) I used this for my liquid foundation all the time, and occasionaly for my powder foundation. Price wise... its acceptable. For $10 bucks u get a good, high quality brush that will last you for quite a bit if you take good care of it. Honestly the duo brush is still in good condition despite of minimal fraying, but thats cuz i washed them the rough way lol, and quality wise I realized this one is better than the duo one.

So if you are starting with makeup and would like to get a good brush that is not expensive nor dirt cheap, get this one. Highly recommended! I can't think of any CON(S) oo this one. It's an absolute must have :)

Stay pretty everyone! xoxo


  1. I love essence of beauty products. It really is great quality. I even love their buffer brush and eyelash curler. They haven't failed me yet. . . and I don't think they will.

  2. I know! I love them and will keep coming back to it. Probably the least thing I like would be their retractable kabuki brush. Other than that, everythings great! :D

  3. Thanks, I've been wanting to try these brushes out. I also hear that Studio Tools from Target makes an amazing dual fiber brush!


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