Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On the Spot: MAC Studio Fix Fluid Review

How did I came across this item? One day, I started putting on foundation once again as an attempt to cover up my post-acne marks since i've been breaking out a lot more this summer due to an increase of "oilage". Once I put on my foundation, hopped on my car on my way to school, checked on the rearview mirror and my jaw just dropped. I looked like one of those oompa loompa characters... I LOOKED ORANGE! AAACKK! It was horrible. Then I knew I've gona lighter during the winter and now time to look for a new foundation.I checked my email and saw mac has a new collection line coming up, and of course everyone knows what that means....free shipping! :D So i went ahead to mac to check for a good foundation, AND MADE SURE I GET A SHADE LIGHTER THAN WHAT I HAD BEFORE (Was an NC42, went down to a NC40. How did I know I was a NC40? I guessed, took the risk, and I got it right :)) I wanted to get a foundation that has good coverage and at the same time would not look cake-y at all. So the first thing that i thought of... liquid foundation. Since I had studio fix POWDER, which worked for me before i went looking oompa loompa with this, I thought hmmm... why not try to liquid form of this, maybe gives me better coverage? So.. that's how I end up getting this. =)

According to MAC, the Studio Fix Fluid "Provides medium buildable coverage and flawless natural-matte finish. Includes SPF 15 for everyday sun protection. Oil-free and long-wearing."

My thoughts? Of course, whenever trying a new product there's a hint of skepticism everytime. Having this on a liquid foundation you think "will this clog my pores? will this makes me breakout more?! will this really cover this up?".

I got it after about 5 days, and i put it to use as soon as possible. Oh boy, I was in LOVE. The texture is creamy and soft. I don't know if its just me but I also like the smell of this foundation. Yes, the smell. I don't know what it is or how to describe it, it just smells like something of good quality lets just put it that way. :p On top of that, this product never broke me out at all. I'm really amazed. Now here's the good part... good coverage. If you are someone looking for a foundation that provides really good coverage, this is your foundation.

Here's some before and after pictures I took...

First picture shows my face where post-acne marks can be found,which is on the left side of my face near my nose (im assuming its part of my t-zone area, where i get the "unpleasant activities" a lot)

Without foundation. Notice some visible redness

Now showing you the picture with the Studio Fix foundation...

With foundation. (no concealer, powder, whatsoever)

Another picture

Notice the difference? :)

The coverage (at least for me) last longer than the powder form. Even tho I "oiled" sometime during the day, the coverage was still intact and good. This foundation last me for at least 6-8 hours, now that's pretty good for someone with oily skin.

So, is there any CON to this product? The only thing I would probably critique on this is how its a bit heavy on the face. And if you applied too much, it will look cakey.. so be careful with using this product. I suggest that u build coverage. If you put a lot of foundation or concealer on ur face, it will look blotchy or cakey. Another thing is to use a good brush. You don't have to buy an expensive brush like the MAC 109, there's tons of affordable yet good foundation brushes out there. I'm using the essence of beauty foundation brush which i totally love. (I'll make a review on it, soon!) Another CON would be the packaging... I mean, does it have to be in a glass bottle? How am I gona get the most out of this product when I can't even squeeze the crap out of it? You can purchase this with a pump (I didnt get the pump, its not available online) but i believe u have to pay like 3 bucks more. Going back to the PRO about this product, even tho its a liquid foundation, it does mattify the face which means helping u control oiliness throughout the day; And the good thing about this product too is that is doesn't look unnatural like other liquid foundation does to your face.

Would I buy this product again? Oh Definitely! Its officially up in my staple and must-have list. I highly recommend this product to those of you whose looking for good coverage and wanting to look fresh and matte the whole day. This is perfect for all skin types. I'm sorry to those who broke out on this product, but then at least they gave it a try lol.

If you have any questions regarding this product, just leave me a comment in this post or email me at groovalicious24@gmail.com :)

Stay pretty everyone xoxo


  1. you're so lucky studio fix doesn't break you out :(

  2. @ jenny- I know! I was scared that it might broke me out since no liquid foundation i've tried in the past had not broke me. this one is a miracle for me! :)


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