Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On the Spot: Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara

How I came across this product? I was watching one of Judy's of Itsjudytime videos on youtube and I saw this product (I believe she was showing her makeup collection and she showed this product and said it's like one of her favorite mascara ever) My cuz also have this mascara, and she loved it as well. So I'm like "that's it... I got to have this mascara"

My thoughts? The first thing I noticed about this product is the price. I bought this one for like $4 and something cents which is pretty good darn price. I've spend $8 plus on mascaras; I've never and ever will buy highend mascaras since as we all know, mascaras can only last for 3 months and has to be discard after that. Who would like to buy an item for 20 something bucks only to be thrown out in 3 months? (unless u know for sure, you'll be able to use that on a daily basis) So I refuse to buy stuff that will hurt my pocket. So knowing the price is a bit less than most drugstore mascaras, my initial reaction would be "maybe its not as good as most mascaras. works, but not that good."

This is probably one of the best mascara brush I've ever owned/purchased. I've had the Cover girl lash blast mascara which is like one of my favs mascara becoz of its brush (no clumps at all) only problem is that the tip of the Cover girl mascara is not tapered, making it a bit difficult to put mascara on some parts of ur lashes, especially the ones nearing the teardrop or the lower lashies. (My number one? Maybelline's Define a lash. LOVE LOVE it) Anyhow, yes the bristles are nice! It glides just perfectly on my lashes. I do still have some clumping going on to be honest, but not much. I've heard good reviews and bad reviews bout this product, and I think the number one complain bout this mascara is how its clumpy. I believe you can avoid clumping by how you actually apply the mascara or how u use the bristles. A technique I've learned from one of the makeup artist i saw in youtube (God knows what's the MA's name I cant remember!) but he said that in order to avoid clumping, u have to put the bristles at the very base of the lashes, almost near the eyelids. Then, kinda wiggle it into ur lashes (this technique gets the hair caught in between the bristles. so as you go up, the lashes will be have a nice brush off) then slowly "comb" ur lashes up, resulting into a smoother,even finish. The package is nice. Pink and Green... reminds me of watermelon hehe ^^. This mascara does more of a lenghtening than volumizing in my opinion. Even tho I know I'm blessed with lengthy lashes, it still does give me some volume.

Here are some pictures for comparison...

Left Eye. Without any mascara

Right Eye. With Mascara

I'm not a lashy curler person (even if i have lengthy lashes, they easily fall off whenever I use the curler : / So, I tried to avoid it as much as possible) and what I also like about this mascara is it uplifts ur lashies without curling it. (I curled my lashes tho on the pics, so don't assume its going to be lifted that high)

So yeah, I really really really like this mascara. Although my all time favorite is the Define a lash Volume mascara by Maybelline, this one lands the number 3 spot. Not bad at all. And for the price, you can't beat this.

That's it, if you have any questions comment on this box. Love you all chicas!!! We have 4 people joining the giveaway already woo hoo!! This is goin to happen YAY. Stay pretty everyone xoxo


  1. Im so ingit! your brows are so fine and gorgeous! mine is eew he he. love that mascara by the way.

  2. wow i wanna try that .. it obviously defined and curled up you lashes galing!!. you have a pretty long lashes weeee... gifted!! hehe

  3. Nice review! I love how long your lashes are, I'm so jealous!! XD Mine are so short >_<

  4. The color caught my eye! :D Yes, it does have a watermelon theme, doesn't it?

  5. I really want to try it one day,too bad we don't have it here^^;Love ur lashes~


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