Friday, July 31, 2009

Random: Math Fail

This is just an epic fail. Verizon Wirelesss (US cellphone service) thinks that $0.002 is no different from 0.002c. WOW. I don't proclaim myself as someone whose excellent in math but even a no-brainer can easily distinct there is a 100-fall difference between those 2 numbers. *shakes head* I grew up in the Philippines and all I can say is that the way they taught us math in class were hardcore. Here, you can use a calculator during quizzes or exam. There, you got ur number 2 pencil and scratch paper and you are on your own.

And I thought of switching providers...hmmm...NEVERMIND.


  1. haha, yeah, there sure is a difference between $0.002 is no different from 0.002c !

  2. Oh you're from the PI? Where from? Same with Seth! LOL - our plan is to move there in a few years just so bunny can grow up learning her 'filipino' side :)

  3. woah lol if the man will charge 35,000 kb/s by 2 dollars ang laki nun bill nya gosh the customer really sounds frustrated lol ....
    poor verizon :(

  4. ha! even i know that. and i'm terrible at math.

  5. I can definitely relate to the No.2 pencil and the scratch paper. *sigh*

  6. i do! i live in berkeley. i grew up in LA, but i love it here.



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