Thursday, July 23, 2009

Random Thingy Majigs: "Domo-ness", Wisconsin Weekend

Hello Chicas!!! How's everyone doing so far? It's almost friday (wooot! for most of ya) and I hope y'all have plans having a good weekend. I just want to talk about couple of things regarding the giveaway, stuff I got today, and some ramblings. So let's get it on...

First I'd like to thank all of those who have joined the giveaway! :D I got 13 entries already ( I thought I'd prolly have like 5 entries max and would never thought having 13 entries already and its not been a week yet!) so this contest is definitely a go! And also, I would like to take this time to welcome my new followers =) You guys might be liking my giveaway that's why LOL.. kidddding. its all goood ;)

Ok. Regarding the contest, as much as I enjoyed reading your answers (I really do) I realized that some of you didn't follow the ONE sentence rule. I specifically said to answer in ONE sentence only. But since I love you guys, it's all fine. I'm not going to be hard on that, as long as you answer the question AND that you EMAIL me as well; Those are the 2 most important thing I'm looking for. And of course must be a follower. So yes, please keep these in mind ladies ok? You all are doing a great job! :)

Sooo... I got another package today that I just want to show to you all. What is it? It's a DOMO shirt! hahaha. I don't know, but this Domo thing got me good. I've heard about Domo since I'm like in my middle school years, but never really paid so much attention to it because my heart is pretty much into Sanrio those years (and still am :D) My boyfriend for some reason bought me a plush Domo (he was I believe in my "lazy sunday" post lol. and if you check my new twitter account he's the background too) and me and him just went gaga on him. We started sharing pics of Domo through YM and he's just oddly cuuuuuuute. So yes, my bf (once again) got me this shirt. Check it out...

It's Large in size

I specifically asked my boo to get me a shirt in large because I want a sleepwear and I want a loose t-shirt. (Especially this summer...gaaaaaaaah, I can't stand the freakin heat. The AC don't do shit) And I just like oversize t-shirt for some reason, it makes me feel..uhm... sexy. lol. I don't know but I wear my baby's xxxxxxxxxxxxl t-shirt(lol... ok that's exaggerated obviously but when I wear his white tee, it turns into a dress for me considering im short) and I love it. Of course, I aint wearing something like that when I got out.. just when I'm indoors or bout to go to sleep. Thanks baaaaaby, again.

I'm heading to Wisconsin Dells this weekend to spend time with my family and relatives. I kinda have mixed feelings about tho. Not that I don't like Wisconsin dells at all, it's just... I'd rather spend time with my boo, who is 2000 miles away from me than my family who I get to see everyday. I can't really go into details about how I feel... but yeah, I'd rather stay here in freakin Champaign Illinois with my baby than be in Wisconsin dells not being able to talk to him throughout the day :( Yesss... LONG DISTANCE SUCK BALLS. sigh, I just can't wait to be with him. And on top of that, I just found out we're staying on camping ground and going to rent a cabin room. NOW... as much as I enjoy camping (with the right people), I freaked out about one thing that's extremely important to me and hoping that thing wouldn't be a problem when i get there....... CELLPHONE SIGNAL. UGH... I remember 2 years ago we went camping just a couple minutes (say 45 min) from my town. Same state, almost same county.... the camping place didn't have a freakin Cellphone signal AT ALL. Actually, there's only one Phone carrier throughout the town and that is AT&T. I have freakin T-mobile for cryin out loud, that was really difficult for me at that time. So yeah..sigh..... I just wish this trip won't be a nightmare because I am seriously going to flip out.

That's it bellas! This is prolly going to be my last post for the week. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! Be good y'all and remember, stay pretty! xoxo


  1. DOMOOO! Cute domo shirt! I love domo-kun ever since I watched his little skits in an NHK channel.

    I have a domo-kun key chain, so you know I really <3 domo.

  2. awww...
    domo-kun has been my favorite 'monster' (he's a monster for
    a mixture of kawaii & kowai..

    i understand what you're saying about camping vs seeing bf..
    id choose being with bf anytime of the day too!

    lets just hope that the signal won't be bad when you're already there.

  3. awwww cuteness!
    u know what they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder, so don't be too down okay sweetie

  4. That was sweet of your boyfriend getting you that shirt. & I know the feeling of feeling sexy when you're wearing your man's shirt ;) haha, sometimes I like wearing Raymond's (my bf) shirt, heheh.

    & I sure hope that there's cell phone signal where you're at =/ But I know the feeling of being a long distance away from the boyfriend, it's not fun.

  5. oohh cute! You have a lovely bf who buys things for you! unlike my own:P

  6. Cute shirt! your bf sounds do sweet. you look good together.


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