Sunday, July 12, 2009

Random Thingy Majigs: "Lazy Sunday" (and a mini haul i guess)

I remember when I was still in school last Spring semester, I kept complaining how busy I am with school and never found myself doing nothing. Couple months later, I find myself not doing anything AND I'm still complaining...

I'm bored. Like its-not-even funny bored. I quit my old job because I wanted to devote myself 100% on school. (Nerdy much? If you are a nursing student, you understand. And yes, I'm a proud dork) And now, not only do I have to rely on my parents for money, they don't even give me much! booooo! :/ (But I love them no matter what :])

So anyways... saw my camera, picked it up and start taking pictures. Sometimes I can be out-of-control vain, but not this time. Well, maybe a lil; for some it may be too much. But I don't care. lol.

What I did today: Woke Up, took shower, ate, went to the mall, ate, visit cuz, home. that's my day on the nutshell.

Here's Some pictures earlier today:

Good Morning Chicas =)

Messing around with my mirror

My attempt of the asian peace sign (more like ghetto one lol)

I NEED to dye my hair badly, my roots are showing. AAAACKKK!!!

MAC lippy Brave (love love love it!) with Maybelline Wet Shine Diamond in Marquise Peach. Looks barbie pinkish.

Ladies and gents... I'm bout to show you my purse :)

I love my Coach Bag :) It's simple; good for everyday use.

Now let's see what's inside shall we.... NOTE: I didnt put (or take out) anything to make it all look cute just like the other ladies. What you see is what's really in there. Take a look....

**Wallet, Makeup bag, Small Wallet, Kabuki brush, Car charger, Mint candies, Lotion, Compact Comb, Excedrin, Notepad, Wipes, Checking book**

FACT: I have to have at least 2 or more pens on my purse AND a ketchup packet. Don't know exactly why.

What's inside my Makeup bag....

**Hand Sanitizer, ELF blush, MAC blot powder, MAC HK pink fish, Burts Bees, Band-Aid (yes I'm accident prone sometimes and yes, its hello kitty! :D), contact lens container, contact drops, pony tail, blotting paper (?)

Almost gone :( Gotta buy soon!

I love my pink fissshhy :)

So yeah, I went to the mall and ate there with my sissy. And just when I thought I'm gona leave the place, chin-up proud for not buying anything make-up related....mission failed. I end up buying a Clinique Lash Building Primer for $13. I have to give props to myself tho for just buying ONE item, it could've been worse. *clap clap* =) I went to my cuz place becoz, well, I'm bored. So i just dropped by. She went to Chicago last tuesday and I asked her if she did some "money damage" on MAC stuff, and of course she did. (That girl is the ultimate MAC junkie. She pretty much introduce me to MAC :D) One thing she was excited about was trying this product called LUSH. I've heard of it from Makeupbymel and looks like they sell mostly soap and bath products. She had me smell 2 of the soaps she got (rock star and honey, I washed the kids) and they smelll sooooo nice. She was soo giddy bout it and wanted me to try it. lol. I'll go definitely give it a try.

So she showed me her new MAC stuff and oooohhhh, I am soo tempted to buy some! She got the studio sculpt SPF 15 foundation, as well as this lipstick that I forgot the name, from her B2M empties! We were just chatting round for a while, then she gave me her sephora lipgloss be pretty minis since she's not a lipgloss person (so am I. not really a fan but I can use it from time to time) The lipgloss is nice tho, something that goes with some of my lippies :)

Here's What I got:

From Left: Precious Pink, Rosy Glow, Beauty Bronze

Here are the swatches....

So that's pretty much it! Thanks for keeping up with my rambling :) Now here's Domo waving bye bye...

LOL. Stay pretty everyone :)


  1. I hate when I have nothing to do too!! I am waiting for the perfect job and continue uni in October, so I understand you!
    Lovely pictures and nice haul! Stay pretty!

  2. you got lot of stuff in your bag and lol@ kechap sometimes i have non related girl things in my bag too .. you know your profile picture i thought it was isabel lopez hihi

    dont worry dear I will send you some santol hihi and oo i miss hubby badly waaah :( he's an OFW/seaman he will be after 8 months
    anyways girl thnx for dropping by ! take care!

  3. @ catanya- I know hun! I can't wait to graduate and get a REAL job lol. I hope u get the perfect job! thanks hun for stopping by :)

    @ louie- lol.. yeah i got soo many things in my purse that is quite unusual for some. Who is isabel lopez? Never heard of her lol. thaanks for dropping by mommy! tc xoxo


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