Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sick =[ (But not so bad after all =])

Hello Chicas! I'm back from Wisconsin dells. As much as I wanted to blab about my Wisconsin dells/camping experience yesterday, I was not feeling well. I knew I wasn't feeling so great Sunday night as my throat started feel weird. On top of that, I didn't get any sleep that night since me and my baby got into an argument :((( I mean, it happens to every couple... but being far away from each other makes it worse because u can't hug or kiss each other :/

So anyways, the next day.. not being able to get some sleep that night, I end up sleeping pretty much the whole day. We left wisconsin around 6:30 am, and going back to Chicago it's a 4-hour drive...so yes, I slept througout the drive. I woke up and we were already in Chicago and thats the time I started notice my throat feels more scratchy and kinda sore but i just brush it off at that time. We spent some time in downtown Chitown just roaming around for a couple of places (I got myself some LUSH stufffff, which I've been LEMMING for for some time now :D I'm going to have a haul post soon so stay tuned :)) then finally just stopped by at my uncle's place to get some rest. Again, I slept througout the time I was in my uncle's apartment. I was really tired for some reason but I was thinking it's because I didnt' get some sleep, like duh. Then we finally drove back to Champaign and at that point i started feeling a bit hotter than usual. On top of that, me and my bf haven't really made up yet that time which put me into a bad shape. That night my temperature spiked. I didn't know what my temp was cuz I couldn't find the damn thermometer and I can feel my body is just soo warm, my breath is hella hot, and I'm feeling woozy.

I didn't get some sleep that night. My body was acheing, was shivering on a 78 degree weather, my throat was painful, and I started having dry coughs. I haven't felt this sick for almost 2 years now. I rarely get sick. I remember when I was a kid, I WISHED that I would get sick for the sake of missing school days lol. Don't we all, or its just me? I remember when I was back in the Philippines, when I was 9 years old I faked being sick by telling my teacher I have a humongous headache. She sent me to the clinic, hoping the nurse would let me go home. To my disappointment, all she did was give me some pain medication and have me go back to my class. I mean duh, I can't really fake being sick since u need to have a high body temperature in order for them to suspect you are indeed sick.

Anyhow, I woke up this morning and was really in pain. It's not really pain PAIN, more of like energy-draining pain...dunno if that makes sense. My mom finally gave me some medication and prepare me a meal which she even brought on my room (awwww...thanks mom:D) I actually didn't sleep on my room just because my room feel like ur inside an oven..freakkin hot. I need a place that is cooler so I slept on the guest room on our basement. The medication, the food, AND best of all... me and my baby making up made me feel A LOT better than the past few days.

Now my fever is gone, dizziness gone, slight pain present as well as my stubborn sore throat... but I feel way better than yesterday :))) What REALLY brightens my day is this...

My boyfriend surprised me with some flowers! :) awwwww..... this was totally unexpected.

: )))))))))))

He said not only did he send me these flowers as a "Get-well-soon" gift, but also for saying sorry from the arguments we had the past 2 days.

I'm sorry if y'all think I'm all over my baby by blogging about the stuff he gave me.... I'm just soo happy I found the ONE. Growing up, being the least favorite in the family, going through childhood trauma, having to deal with OCD (yes, OCD) on my teenage years as well as depression...all I want is someone to accept and understand me for who I am as a person; and he's the ONLY one who trully understand what I went thru in life, and love me for being simply "me". It's really not about what he got me or how many things he got me already, that's nothing compare to the person he is. He's the sweetest guy ever. He promise on day one that he's gona take good care of me, and even we're thousand miles away from each other, he made sure I feel well taken care of, and I do. I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend, he's just PERFECT. I don't know what I did to have someone like him, I'm just lucky. Yes, we fight from time to time, we argue like lil kids... but at the end of the day we put aside all the things we've said to one another, no matter how hurtful they are, and we just go back to our lovey dovey, mushy selves lol. Yes, If you hear us talk to each other on the phone, you'll prolly puke out of ur guts hearing us baby talk each other LOOL. That's just how we are, and we're not ashame of doin it.

I feel much better now; not 100%, but a lot better like I said. I have 56 followers now DAMN!!! Thank yooou sooo much girls for coming by and drop lovely comments! I love all of you!!! Couple more weeks to go before the drawing and I wish you all luck to those who have joined :D I'm going to blog about my Wisconsin experience and a couple of haul-age stuff (yipeee!)

Stay pretty everyone! xoxo


  1. Aw, that's sweet of your boyfriend to take care of you! Hope you get better soon! :)

  2. Hope you're feeling better! Aww, that's so sweet your boyfriend did that for you! The flowers are pretty!

  3. get well soon sweetie! there's nothing like a lot of love to make you feel better ;)

  4. Aww your boy is such a sweetie. Hope you'll feel better soon.

  5. Glad you're feeling better, hope you get really well soon. And yeah. That would totally make my day, too. ^^

  6. Your man has really nice handwriting for a guy! Lol, I totally feel you about feeling not the "favorite" one in the family. :( But it's ok, just keep doing the best you can in life and prove them wrong!!

  7. wow that was a long story hun its hard to be sick , we immediately jump to a conclusion that it was a swine flu same symptoms kasi I'm so glad that you feel better now ..just take lots of water, rest and vitamins awww pretty pink flowers ,the b.f is really romantic :) teka kelan ba ko huling binigyan ng flower lol bigla ko tuloy na miss si bebe ko :(

    sometimes i didn't see some blogger entry like yours in my dashboard or blog roll :( late comment anywayz take care of yourself girly .* hugs*


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