Sunday, July 19, 2009

Swatches + thoughts so far

Like I mentioned before, I'm going to do swatches for my recent hauls. Here they are..

First up, MAC Pigment samples from

The 5 pigments + sample of prep and prime finishing powder sample (not shown)

From Left: Pink Bronze, Violet, Helium, Golden Olive, Apricot Pink, Circa Plum (not part of the purchase but feel like throwin that in)

My thoughts: I'm gona be totally honest with what or how I'm feeling about these pigments. 4 words... What was I thinking?!? These go to my list of impulse buys. I'm not saying I don't like these pigments, so don't draw any conclusion yet as I would like to point out some good stuff. Ok, the colors are really nice, and I really do mean that. They're very vibrant and shimmer-ish. However, knowing the person I am, I'm not really into shimmerish stuff. I DO like to play around with shimmerish shadows, BUT, would barely to never wear them at all on a daily basis. Ok, now what about these pigments that affect the WOW factor? Its.just.plain.messy. Now u might think like wth, that's it? I don't know if it was the screw cap the pigment itself or the way I just hold the item, but it really gets messy on me and I dont like that. I had OCD (I seriously did. I was diagnosed with anxiety couple years ago so, no playing around here) and I still prone to having it, so messy things really screws my brain up. I am very OCDish with my stuff and makeup, so lil things like this disappoints me unfortunately. And top of these, I've always wondered, and feel free to give me an explanation.... what are pigments for anyways and why do they have to make it in a powder form? "conventional" eyeshadows can give u a good color pay off, so why invent pigments? AND WHY ARE THEY EXPENSIVE?? Now you prolly see my ignorance side, I don't know everything about makeup/cosmetics and thats one of the beauty of it-- to explore. So yea, I would say I'm kinda neutral about it. Not loving it much, but not hatin it. If you want these samples, you can swap with me on and look for Jbreezy.

Phew... wow, sorry that turned into a novel. Moving on..

NYX eyeshadows in Cotton Candy and Aqua

Can barely see Cotton Candy (left), Aqua (Right)

My thoughts? I haven't really use these 2 eyeshadows, but having own several NYX eyeshadows I know for sure these won't let me down and its just a matter of what kind of look ur trying to achieve and using specific shadow(s). Cotton Candy can be barely seen from the picture, but in person its very light pink shimmer that is almost resembles platinum pink. Aqua is a beautiful color; it has a blue-ish gray-ish shade to it. I would love to use Aqua for smoky effect eyes. Yeah, good stuff =)

Next, MAC Lippy in Fanfare (Cremesheen)

My thoughts: Ok, I LOVE the color... but what ruined the "moment" for me is after my first use, the next time I used it I realized that when u twist the base to expose the lippy itself, it smeared on the side, which only means that the lippy itself is misplaced or not aligned properly. I really tried to be careful whenever I twist it up, but it always end up smearing more, which now making my lippy look as if its melted. I love the texture, the color, and everything... but that this incident is hard to "get away" for now if you know what I'm saying. When I have a new product, I want it to be in perfect condition. Sometimes, I would even wait for days before I use it because I just want to savor its quality and brand new-ness by not touching or using it.LOL. Maybe its my OCD again, but I'm pretty sure I'm not alone with this. haha. But like I said, I love the product. It's a good everyday look, very wearable and cuz it aint flashy. Texture is creamy (hence the cremesheen finish name(?)) which I think is suitable for gals who have dry lips to keep their lips moisturized. Another good stuff =)

Last but definitely not least, NARS Blush in Orgasm

Uggghhh... my camera/lighting suuuucks. I tried ;(

My thoughts
: I'm not going to lie, I was really excited to try this product on as I've heard good raves about this product. and yes, i jumped into the bandwagon. Uhm... I liked it, but to me I don't think this product really live up to its hype. I'll prolly start with the CONS. First, it's hella shimmerish. Again, I'm not a shimmerish person. I didnt realized how shimmerish it was until tonight since the light is reflecting more of these shimmers. Another thing, the shade is light. I feel like I have to put generous amount in order for the blush to pop... which means I will ran out of this product in a short time(!!). I mean it does show up, but I really wouldn't recommend using this at night if you want ur cheeks to be noticeable as it does not show at all. During the day, I notice it does look nice; it has that "glowy" look on it, but not glittery. The shade, like I said, is light BUT noticeable during the day. What I like about this is that its more natural looking. You know how some people wear blush and its obvious they are wearing blush and it seems like they want the whole world to notice they are wearing blush? Well I'm not like those people lol. I want to keep it sublte, and naturally looking. Another thing tho that I like is the texture. It has that soft texture that makes u feel like applying this product more in ur skin, and it wont feel heavy.

Overall, I would say I kinda have mix feelings with this blush but is still leaning towards the positive side. I mean, the price come on...its a bit expensive for a blush so find a way to like it!!! LOL. Just kidding. I do like it but I'm not overly impressed by it as I would like it to be. Maybe If I pick something of a more pigmented shade, this would officially be in my staple list. But now, I can't afford to try another blush shade. But i'm liking the texture and the glowiness look of it during the day.

If you guys have any questions/suggestions/rants feel free to comment below. Stay pretty everyone! xoxo


  1. Great reviews. I myself admire ones who can where shimmer but i on ME, eh i can live without them. Even though they look gorgeous on your arm (LOL!)

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