Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tagged! 6 Things that Make Me Happy :)

I was tagged by my girl Manju, whose really gorgeous I must say.*hugs* Be sure to check her site out by clicking here.

6 Things that Make Me Happy =)

GOD. What can I say, He's just the reason why I'm living the life. I went through so much sh*t in my life before, but I just trusted him and now happier than ever before. Thank you God for always having my back.

Boyfriend. Obviously, this is not a shocker to any of you. LOL. I've been blabbing about my bf in my previous post. He just simply my greatest source of happiness at the moment. He's not just my boyfriend, he's my best friend, my mentor, my everything. Since having been betrayed by my own best friend last year (yes, she's a big biada, I can't believe I stood by her side all these years) I barely go out with my girly friends anymore as I started having trust issues and girls are just full of drama sometimes. I've ditched many many GNOs (Girls Night Outs) for nights with my bf on the phone, watching funny youtube videos. He's the most understanding, sweet, and patient person I've known. Love you baby.

Sister. I love love love her. My sister is much younger than me, but she just have a mind of an adult I swear.

Travelling. Like those people in Travel channel.. "I have the travel bug". I LOVE travelling. One of my goals in life is be able to travel around the world. I just love going to different places and learning bout there history and/or culture.

FOOD. I mean come on, who doesn't love food? Like what my bf said... I'm a SLOB, and he's right lol. I seriously eat like a horse, and it's pretty much impossible for me to go on a diet. lol

FOOTBALL (NFL). Now, this must be a shocker to all of you. YES, I LOVE WATCHING FOOTBALL. I'm a big Chicago Bears fan; and Devin Hester is mah boy. You think I'm all girly girl but hecck no. I grew up being a tomboy- boyish cut hair, play around with boys in the street, climbing trees in my grandma's backyard, played basketball etc. Before I had no clue how football works, so I self-taught myself and I got hooked. FOOTBALL SEASON IS COMIN SOON HECK YEA!!! :D

So yes, these are the things that makes me happy. What's yours?

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  1. We have so many things in common,nice tag^^

  2. jo! thanks for tagging me... i will post the tag sooner...

    just give me time to gather all my thoughts and think of the things that makes me happy.


  3. I agree with all of it! I love that you put God first! We have alot in common! Great blog!!


  4. Oh my!you're so quick to post this! lol
    you and your sis look alike so much! so pretty the two of u :)
    i thought i was the only one who cud finish a jar of nutella in 2days! Oh Man, we're BOTH slobs hahaha
    love u girlie

  5. aaw i hope i have a sister too :( you know , you can share with things that you can't shared with brother lol ,well i have girl cousins but they' aren't near...
    i luv food super takaw ako walang diet pwahaha.

    wow i think we have the same vision with comes in friendship i dont have bestfriend :) parang takot lang ako na may super close sakin I considered my hubby as my bestfriend cus since highschool he was my friend and classmate din lol liit ng mundo samin .. you know you seem a loving person hmm she's lucky to have you..goodluck to both of you :)

    anyways ,thanks for tagging me hun :) will do this soon :)

  6. Thanks for the tag! I'll be doing my tag shortly! Your tags are to cute!

  7. *mmmmm* food... thats definitely on my list too. haha! ;P


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