Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wisconsin Dells + Camping

Hello Chicas!! Soo.. y'all know i went to wisconsin dells last weekend. All I can say is its an OK trip. Last time we went there was 2 years ago and it was a lot better at that time. I'm going to be honest, I was expecting more from this trip but it kinda disappointed me :/ Good news, I got some cellphone signal in the camping ground... Bad news, u have to use a public shower room that chagers 50 cents for 4 mins. LIKE WTF. We rented a cabin lodge with 4 beds in it, but they were all in one room. The cabin has its own toilet room, sink, microwave, fridge, lamps, outlets etc. Yeah, doesn't seems like camping at all, considering having all these amenities. Anyhow... here's a couple of pictures I'd like to share to y'alls =)

Our Cabin. We were too lazy to put up a camping tent lol. jk

Me at the back of the golf kart we rented. The camping ground is a prettylarge area.

On the ferry boat tour. Place is spectacular.

Still at the ferry boat.. pretty sunset. it was chilly that time.

LOL. domo was with us. haha. spoiledy.

Jet Boat. We did that 2 years ago, we were all wet.

Bonfire that night. Had some corn in a stick (we shouldve done some smore-ing!)

LOL. me again. Breakfast in BK. I was like a lil kid when they were giving these free crown thingy.I kinda look like I just woke up.

Of course, Wisconsin is known for their cheeses. We bought a couple and they were daaang good.

FORCED smile LOL. it was helllllaaaa hot during mid-day.

YESS LADIESSSS.....we went to Tanger outlet and they have CCO!!!! This was pretty much the highlight of my trip (wait for my haul post)

Me and my sister. I don't know why I'm looking that way and had no idea she took this shot.

That night, we went to the casino. (haha... yes they have a casino there! wooot) AND AS USUAL... I got carded again. It's weird cuz first I won 20 bucks, then lost 10 bucks, then won 20 bucks again, then lost again. Basically, I won $10. LOL. I know its not much but at least I got something. My mom won $49, my uncle won $120.

Since my uncle won 120 bucks, he treated us some dinner in House of embers. Food is amazing. I got macadamnia crusted chicken with hoisin sauce. They gave a a big chunk of broccoli as u can see from the picture. Mashed potato was off the hooked y'all :D

So that pretty much sum up my trip to Wisc Dells. We left monday morning and head back to Chicago and did some shopping again (lol) It wasn't a bad trip, maybe I'm expecting more I guess. My brother and my cousin went to Mt. Olympus water and theme park but since I've already been there before (and since I'm not into that kind of stuff no more) I was pretty much dry the whole trip if you know what I'm saying : ) Wisconsin dells is known for its waterparks and outdoor fun stuff, which makes a great family getaway place. I'm not into waterparks anymore, my ideal vacation would be something like going to vegas for gambling and shopping, or SF where u get to go on a food trip. But since I'm with my family and we got my younger siblings and cousin with us, it has to be family friendly lol. Maybe the reason why I didn't get to enjoy this trip much is that I already experienced the "main" attractions in Wisc Dells. I was looking for something different maybe, something I haven't done yet or seen yet. I mean theres a couple but its not like something big or something I can't find or see in my own state. So yea... Next vacation? who knows. I wanted to go to Vegas before school starts, but kinda unlikely. (and going to Vegas, you have to make sure u got some money lol) As long as I'm not stuck in our house throughout the rest of the summer.

That's it my loves, stay pretty everyone! xoxo


  1. That's my kinda camping! LOL - Ooo i can't wait for your HAUL post!

  2. nice place love the sceneries stuff!! ur gorgeousss oh la la =P

  3. you look so pretty in the second pic! the Domo picture cracked me up haha

  4. fun times. ooh, i want some wisconsin cheeses, too. haha.


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