Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another collective haul + Back to School ramblings

Hello Ladies! I've done some shopping these past few days and I just feel like sharing what I got to y'all. I won't probably doing much of a shopping in the next few weeks or months since school is starting next week (Aaaaaaaaacccckkkkkk) I mean, are you serious!? Is it really august and I'm a week away from starting my first class?!

AND on top of that.... hear this...... I just recently checked my college connection page, where we get our syllabus and schedule and we just print it out ourselves, and I saw 5 new messages. And I'm like wtf?! I programmed my college connection that if ever i received a message from my instruction, it should go directly to my student email... and i've been checking my student email every two days at least. and nada. So I went ahead and start reading my messages and I can't help but felt sooooo overwhelmed and I started crying :(((( The very first message was way back in July 16 and it says that I have to read my ECG workout book from page 1 to 260 before my lab class starts... which is ONE WEEK FROM NOW. and on top of that, I have to read 2 chapters from my textbook and read information on the 19 most commonly used medications used in the medical surgical floor for my clinicals. Before I get u all confused on what on earth I'm talking about, Im a nursing student :) and I'm on my very last semester and I'm graduating this December (hopefully) So yea... SO.MUCH.PRESSURE. I don't know what this semester is in store for me but I'm definitely not looking forward to it. Sorry for my ramblings, just want to vent out....

Anyhow, let's go on to the fun side. I'll try to keep positive, I know I can do this. I LOVE YOU BABE AND THANKS FOR CALMING ME DOWN, FOR ENCOURAGING AND ALWAYS HAVING MY BACK :)) Here goes...

[WARNING: HEAVY PICS (as usual)]

What I bought these past few days

First up is my Dollar General/Store haul. Yes, those are 2 different stores. Dollar GENERAL sells items that are $10 and below while Dollar STORE sells their items for only a dollar. Bottomline, I got everything for a dollar EXCEPT the Dove Conditioner which is $3.75. I got some ELF brushes! I wanted to try them out, and for a buck each u can't beat that right? Also got myself an LA colors palette since I don't own one and wanted to try one.

ELF brushes. (Review in the Future)

And some swatches from the Metallic palette. (nice:])

Second, Mall Haul. I went to The Body Shop to get some the Seaweed Toner cuz I'm already running out of one. I went to Clinique to actually just buy the Acne Solution gel spot acne treatment ( I started breaking out near my chin area uggghhh) and the lady told me if I spent $ 21.50 I actually will get some GWP stuffies :D So, I got another item which is the Brush On Gel Liner in True Black since I've always been interested in trying out gel liners. As you can see, I got,not one, but 2 pretty makeup bags with nice goodies in it. I've had these stuff before and I love it (and still own some). You know what, instead of keeping the GWP/freebies to myself, I'll prolly include that in my future contest. What y'all think? :D

Gel Liner up close... it comes with a tiny brush.

Swatched with the brush (sorry for the awful lighting)

Third but not least, TJ maxx haul. I went there to hopefully get something for myself, like some new clothes since school is near (booooo). BUT, I ended up buying 2 clothes for my Boyfriend lol. 1 shirt from Rocawear and 1 long sleeve shirt from Southpole. Well, that will count towards his anniversary gift (our anniversary is coming yay!) and I already got him 4 items before that, which are clothes as well lol. Baby's a cloth junkie... and very picky too *ahem aheam* But I love u my stud, I'm glad u find what I got u gangsta. HA! And for me, well... not to be left disappointed but I got a Clio palmperfect shaver and some caramel popcorn. HOOORAY!

So yea thats bout it for the Haulage. I'm done for some time, no more dinero I'm sooo broke. And no more time to shop since school is freakin around. Oh yeah, u guys remember that flower my boyfriend got me when I was sick? Well, unfortunately as we know flowers don't live forever and I have to throw them out. So I'm left with that vase. I found a way to use it....

TADA! I used it as my brush holder :D

I put some border stickers whatever u call it to cover the tape residue (which is a pain in the butt to get rid off) on the edge of the vase. Not the greatest design on earth, but I love it:D

That's about it everyone. I hate this say this but I'll probably won't be posting as much as I used to be : ( I'll try to put up 2 posts at least a week, but I will still come in here to check some of y'alls posts :) Gota gear myself towards school now. Less makeup, no more long/polished nails, sleep early (HAHA.good luck with that) I don't know. Pray for me lol. I really want to get done with school. I love you all! Stay pretty everyone xoxo


  1. Awww that sucks really bad about the whole missing your email thing. I can't even imagine having to read all that & be prepped in a week. I did Pharmacy & that shit kicked my ass even KNOWING what to do on time. Good luck! I hope you get this taken care of without having to stress to much!

    Great haul! I love dollar stores - even if people think they're cheap & not worth it. It's amazing some of the stuff you find in there that's more than decent!

    I say if you want to give the Clinique gift as a giveaway do it! I know i'll try to win it myself! LOL!

    The vase is sooo cute & creative! So sweet since you are right - flowers die but glass doesn't. Very very very cute!

  2. Nice haul! I like your stuffies! Very nice brushes, looks pretty soft!
    Cool Qlinique babies.

  3. geeezzzz jo... ramdam ko ang galit mo sa email issue na yan! haha!

    i wonder whats the feeling of going to school in a different country. i am thinking kasi if i will be fortunate to pass the bar exam, im planning to go Harvard for masteral (laws). there are organizations, law offices here in the P.I. na mag finance kapag qualified ka...


    whats the feeling? first time sa school?
    are people nice?

    have a nice day jo :)

  4. Nice haul! I love LA Colors.

    Suuuuper cute brush holder.
    I need to re-do mine, it's so blah! lol

  5. many nice things^^
    I tagged u hun^^

  6. I used to be a dollar store addict...haha...nice idea with the vase as brush holder....

  7. awww...good luck with school joanna! i'm sure you will get through it!

  8. woo....great stuff that u bought

    good luck, i have to sleep earlier now too, gah ...hate school, its starting next week for me, argh...-_- it sucks

    hmmm^_^ so when do u start school?

  9. Nice haul! big one! :P

    It's sweet that you bought some shirts for your bf!


  10. Haha ELF. I just replied to your comment about this. So it's true that they're Dollar Store Items there. I'm so envious.

    Everything's so nice. I love those makeup bags. They are so pretty! How are the gel liners from TBS?

    Sorry to hear about the problems with your university. Hope it gets sorted out soon. Good luck in the new semester!

  11. great haul gosh you got lots of goodies I luv it :D .sorry bout what happened to your school hey cheer up!. goodluck to your studies dear :) nursing is nosebleeding course for me hanga ako sa kumukuha nya dont worry makakagraduate ka be positive you are smart!!!

  12. Hey lady!
    So I loved the post (as usual!).
    Okay, I got a little confused, where did you get the ELF brushes, the Dollar Sotre or Dollar Genral(I'll check both places, just in case!).

    I know what you mean about school love! I'm starting my freshmen year and I'm so flippin nervous!! But just keep your head up and reach toward your goal!!


  13. Wow.. nice haul you got there! I love GWP!


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