Friday, August 28, 2009

Cuz it's a special day [WARNING: mushy content]

It's Official. Me and my baby are 1 year already! Time fliess sooo fast. It felt like it was just yesterday when me and him were texting back in forth while I was in vegas, getting my ass whooped in Mario Kart wii, and talking on the phone for 4 hours a night and falling asleep together on the phone. I know to keep this relationship we have to work twice as hard as any other relationship because we are long distance, but we made it baby. Nothing in this world could ever come in between us; not even distance, not even the people... nothing. Although we argue sometimes and we could get really feisty with each other, we both know it's because we care soo much about one another. Until this day, I can't believe I have you. I'm soo lucky! I love how you look at me, how you stroke my hair before I fall asleep, how you say "I love you" billion times a day, your kissable lips, your hot, sexy body.....rawr. Oops... getting R-rated.LOL.. My bad. Ur the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you habibi....forever and ever : ))))))

And for the other news.... It's Michael Jackson's BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Birthday Dance Hero! Sometimes, when I think about the fact he's no longer here, it makes me sad :( And on top of that, news broke out 2 days ago that his death was ruled to be HOMICIDE :/ Like WTF, how could someone do that? Now they're pointing at the Physician. I don't know... but like what John Mayer said, his death made him go back to his purest form again and people remembered him for his talent and generosity, not for his shortcomings.

RIP King, we miss you!


  1. aaw you guys are frigging sweet:) am glad you found out the right guy for you true distance is not hindrance and walang makakapaghiwalay sa taong nagmamahalan .congrats sis!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY :)

  2. lol at you getting all R-rated haha...such a sweet post!!! :) 1 year huh! this calls for celebration ^^
    best wishes to both of you!
    lol i may be a bad influence, but it's in a good way ;P be sure to post a pic of your haul when it comes 'kay!
    really, their lipsticks are good? i havent tried any of their lipsticks. i got a juicy tube gloss from clinique, and it was really great, supermoisturising and looked really great on too, but i never wore it, glosses just feel 'wrong' to me if they don't smell yummy, and you know clinique stuff is fragrance free :(

  3. wow!
    congrats on you anniversary

    im sure you'll have lots more years together!

  4. awww how cute! happy 1 year anni!!!

  5. awww thats awesome. congrats on hitting 1 year. its true, its really hardwork to make a relationship work. my bf and i's 7th yr annoversary passed and were not even talking ugh! oh well...

    Happy anniversary to you and your bf! I think he loves you very much. I hope for more happy years to come filled with love and sexytime <3

  7. happy anniversary to you guys! and many more to come.

    i'm watching mj docus right now. ^^

  8. Happy Anniversary to both of u!!!

  9. Happy anniversary. That's so sweet that you found each other and work hard for each other. That's what a real commitment is. You guys are lucky to have each other.


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