Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Down Memory Lane : Vegas 2008 =)

Hello Chicas! Hope y'all have a fabulous day! So today, for some reason, I checked my multiply account which I haven't opened in forever and saw couple of pics that brought me down to memory lane. What memory path it lead me to? VEGAS 08! My vegas vacation with my cousin. **Sigh** FUN TIMES!

This trip was originally planned as our Birthday getaway on January 2008; She turned 22 and I turned 21 that time, so what better idea there is than to celebrate your 21th birthday at the bar drinking AND splurging money at the casino? You bet Vegas can do that just for you. But unfortunately for us, January was just not the right time...a) Peak of the winter season (blizzard and what not.y'all know what I'm talkin bout Midwestern people) b) Spring semester started already c) no $$. On top of that, I went thru anxiety phase (OCD) which is no fun at all. After going thru anxiety and overcoming it (thanks to my lovely BF who helped me recover from anxiety permanently. yes, he helped me get over anxiety for good. now you know how much he meant to me. He's a really smart guy. Im just lucky..) I thought hmmm....I need to treat myself, I need to get out there and have fun. Finally, on July 2008, with some help from my uncle (thanks for paying for our trip!) , me and my cousin made our getaway possible. =))

We stayed for 3 short-but-sweet days. One thing too, we booked a week before our departure. LOL. yes, pretty impulsive. As much as we wanted to book it earlier or weeks before out initial departure, we had to consider my working schedule (I worked 4-5 times that time) and the only week I was scheduled to work 3 days was the following week.Yes, it's a booohoooo. But we want it badly, so we decided to book anyway. And we got no choice but to stay in a cheapest hotel (3 days stay @ Super 8 + roundtrip flight = $600 per person. YES. call me cheap but for a 2-star hotel that is fcking ridiculous I'm sorry.but then again a week before departure what do you expect)

I'll let the pictures speak for itself =) I take soo many pictures and I apologize if u find it "heavy". If you do, ur more than welcome to just leave :) lol... enough chitchat...

From Chicago O'hare to Vegas via American Airline :)

About to leave airport. On to the shuttle bus :))

Our room. Not bad to be honest. My cuz!!! Love her :)

First drink of our first night =) BAMA BREEZE= LOVE @ Margaritaville

US :))


Inside Margaritaville. Blurrrry :( This is prolly what my vision's gona be if I got more bama that night (I had 4 btw lol..rad)

My food. Good stuff :)

the "Pirates" made some ballon hats for us. LOL.

Tipsy much already?

Now let's win some money.

My first win ever!!! From $20 to $103. woot.

LOOL. Ballon hat FTW. (Yes I wore that throughout the night)

Second Day: Hoover Dam (I don't have any other pictures from this since we didn't even went to the dam itself cuz it was 114 freaking degrees outside. NO joke. We head back to our hotel instead)

BUT on the brighter side, my cousin and I decided to watch Cirgue Du Soleil's KA and we were fortunate enough to get the last 2 tickets left! $75 worth it :)

@ MGM grand for our show

Inside. No camera's allowed, but I just want to show you all how HUMONGOUS the stage and overall place is. The show was just spectacular. :)

Souvenir from the show =)

Now some Hotel Hoping. LOL @ the billboard.

Crepes!! Yay :)

Nutella goodness. MANJU this is for youuu gurl!!! :D

More pics

The famous bellagio fountain. Gorgeous.

One day baby, One day :)

I'm easily amazed by these designs. At Bellagio lobby.

Ceasars Forum. I made some serious money damage here.

D&G glasses ($180...OUCH), H2Pro ceramic iron ($130...OUCH), MAC stuff ($90....OUCH but so worth it), Regis straightening balm ($15) + $40 lose at gambling = grand total of $455 of money damage. Believe me, it took me weeks to recover from this. But hey, it's just money.. you won't be able to take it with you when you die so u might as well spend it lol. JK...but seriously, its not bad to splurge on money on things you want. And I've been saving for this since Happy birthday to me. lol.

Our last night :( We went to margaritaville again since we love that place. BEST. CHICKEN.EVER.

Notice the necklace? haha..yup, same necklace I use from the "Goldie Look".

aaahhhhh..... Vegas, when are we going to see each other again? :( Maybe for my graduation gift this coming December? (yes I'm graduating! woooot. *fingers cross*) I want to take my baby with me next time :)

Thats it my loves... hope u enjoy these pics. Sorry I'm just bored. Stay pretty all xoxo


  1. awww..
    i like it when we all take a trip down the memory lane....especially if its a really good one!

    thanks for sharing all of this with us!

    i agree with you about the money...
    its just money..
    you can earn those, but not the memories..

    i bet your bf is your guardian angel!
    bless him for helping you get over those difficult times

  2. Awww i'm jealous! I've been to Vegas once and didn't even get to go anywhere - not even the STRIP! Boooo! My ex-husband was to damn lazy to take me out. Consider the fact that i just said ex. LOL - anyways great pictures! I'm jealous - i wish i could go!

  3. ahhhh, vegas, how i miss thee :) its always nice to reminisce isn't it! :)

  4. Wow..seems like u had so much fun..Love ur pictures, u look so pretty in ur last picture^^I love reading about travelling posts,thanks*

  5. What amazing pictures! You guys look like you had a ton of fun!!! I love vegas!


  6. Woooahhh! All the pictures looks so exciting!
    And more exciting that all of 'em done at night time! Just a lot of romantic!
    Seems like you spent a lot of time!
    All the food pics looks so yummy too :)

  7. hi joanna. great pics, love them!

    whoa at the haul. and you;ve got a great smile! =)

  8. So lucky! I been there once when I was 17....loonnnng time! I just tagged you:P


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