Thursday, August 13, 2009

Entry to Funkiimonkee's Contest (Warning: Viewer's Discretion is Advised)

Hello Chicas!!! My girl Funkiimonkeee is having this fun contest :) Read the following instructions below; it's easy to join (and fun). If you don't join, guuurll you are missing out.

  • You must be a follower of Funkiimonkee's Beauty Blog.

  • Post your funny face (just one pic per entry) as a post on your blog and mention about this contest with a link.

  • Leave a comment on this post and give me your name, email address & the link to your post on your blog.

  • It must be a funny face- no pretty faces sorry! As mentioned, the picture must be your own and not copied from a magazine, website etc.


  • Kit Cosmetics Nail Varnish and Lipgloss (Dream Run & Dream Catcher)
  • 3 pairs of cute hair clips
  • Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #21
  • Lancome Juicy Tube
  • Bourjois Lipstick "Trendy Rouge"
  • Covergirl Lashblast Mascara
  • 2 pairs of earrings (handmade with love by me!)
  • 3 x MAC Pigments (Gold Mode, Clear Sky Blue & French Violet)
  • Rimmel Black Kajal Eye Liner
  • Mini bottle of Manifique by Lancome
  • Covergirl Outlast Lipcolour in "Berry Sorbet"

Click Here for more information :)

And now for the dreaded moment. You ready?.....

*drum roll*

21st Birthday + bunch of booze = above picture

My Blogger life is officially over. LOL. i kid i kid... Anyways, on to the story behind this picture. It was my 21st birthday and of course what does a 21 year old gotta do on that milestone? Drink till you drop. The picture above is totally candid. And the interesting part? I do not remember this picture being taken (So does a couple of pictures that just made me say "WTF? When was this?!?) I HAVE NO CLUE WHATSOEVER WHAT I WAS DOING IN THAT PIC. I had at least 8 screwdrivers, a couple of baileys mixed with greygoose (I know... RAD), a couple wine coolers, and other stuff I don't remember. Although I was drunk, it's not like I don't remember anything at all; I remember stuff but it was more like a blur to me, feels like a dream or something. I was good girl though OK... it's not like I did something soo shameful and unforgivable that my parents would kill me... I was just plain drunk. I applauded myself for not puking at all (or at least that's what I remember. I have a strong stomach tho so most likely no, it didn't happen) I had fun that night, I mean who wouldn't you are finally legaaaall! But I'm not really that kind of girl who parties out every single night and get myself wasted. I'm a laid back girl and I would rather spend time at home watch movie with my baby :)

So that's it, I don't know if that's really funny... it's more embarassing I guess. The ugly side of Jbreezy lol.

So what are you waiting for? Dig in those embarassing photos and join in!

Stay pretty inside and out y'all :))


  1. thanks for sharing about the contest :D

    haha now thats a funny picture, love hearing the story behind it ....hehe i cant wait till im 21 , can do so much stuff :]

  2. hahaha..
    natawa naman ako

    i guess you were really smashed when this pic was taken
    goodluck on the contest,hun

    this is one of the funniest pic that i have seen..
    its really candid & that's what makes it all the more funny!

    i really wish you luck,girl!

  3. haha that was a good one...looks like my competition will be tough! hehe ^^

  4. Lol, I love it! Great story behind the pic, too. Now I'm sorry I never did anything like that when I reached the legal drinking age. ^^

    Thanks for sharing! Good luck!

  5. Hhaha!! Oh wow. You were totally wasted! :D I'm going to try to enter the contest! That was brave of you! :D

  6. dear, you're sleepy hee hee (funny pic.. check my entry too)

  7. You are a BRAVE soul to post that. lol.
    good luck on the contest.

  8. ha ha ha..I love ur picture entry^^
    Sandra Park is now a member of 2ne1, she is really pretty^^

  9. Cite pic! Will remind you how good the alcohol was! Haha! I don't usually party Also. Once in awhile then drink socially :p


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