Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hello Ladies!!! The wait is over... I'm finally announcing the winner of my very first giveaway. First of all I would like to thank all of you for joining. I never thought I would have 65 entries for this!!! I really enjoyed reading all your answers, it was really interesting to see products I've never heard before and I am now interested in trying some of them. (thanks to you guys!) A lot of you tho didn't follow the ONE SENTENCE only answer. LOL.... but it's OK, you guys gave me an answer which is the most important thing and like I said, I really did enjoy reading them.

So, I got 65 entries... but since a lot of you did the 3-entry thing... its really a 141 entries. YAY!!! So I went to random.org to draw the winner. Here is the chosen number....

And whose our lucky lady??


please email me your name and full address to jbreezybaby24@gmail.com

Thank you ladies for joining my giveaway. I'm going to held my next one once I reach 150 followers :)

And now, announcing my BLOGSALE =)

Yes Ladies, I finally put up my blogsale. I realized I have too many things that I don't reach out for anymore, and plus I need some money right now : ( I'm not just selling use stuffs, I'm selling some brand new items as well, soooo please check it out :) I'm open to international buyers as well. =] Please read the information in the sidebar before placing an order. Payment is through Paypal only. Head on to jbreezyblogsale.blogspot.com or click the picture above to see what's on sale :)

You ladies have a great day and remember, stay pretty :)))


  1. that was just one name after my name T T Congratz^^

  2. gasp i won?! This is my first time winning a giveaway. Thank youuuuuuuuuu!!!!! x10

  3. Congratulations! So lucky!

    Your first giveaway was a huge hit! ^^


Thanks Bellas for stopping by!!! I'll get back at you as soon as I can. xoxo