Monday, August 3, 2009

Goldie Look

Hello Everyone! It's been awhile since I put up a LOTD/FOTD/EOTD whatever you call it lol. So this morning I decide to play around with my stuff. But first, I just want to give a shout-out to my baby boo who just recently discovered my blogging hobby =) He really likes what I'm doing and he can't even wait to see my next posts lol. So to my baby, i love you soo mucho. I'm surprise there's no "shaking heads" thinking "makeup agaaaaaaaaain??". hehe. love you.

Anyways, here's the look...

Less is more :)

Close up look

I forgot to put on lipstick, I have lustreglass in Bateaux tho :)

Here's the close-up photos....

Without Flash

With Flash

Here's What I used....

- UDPP (not on picture)
- Maybelline Great Lash Mascara (again, not on picture)
- L'Oreal HIP e/s duo in Bustling
- Stila Quad in Marrakesh
- Kissywear single e/s in natural (LOVE THIS! 2 bucks only :D
- Nars Orgasm

Brushes and uses; L to R: Bare Escentuals blush brush (blush), CS italian round crease brush (for outer v and crease), CS black sable brush (packing colors on lids), Lauren Hutton Flat liner brush (eyeliner on lid), CS chisel detail mini (eyeliner on lid)

NOTE: the brown shade from the HIP e/s was also used for eyeliner both lid and under eye.

That's it. As you can see my looks aren't flashy or anything, I really want to keep them all simply and "wearable" if you know what I mean. I GOT 70 + FOLLOWERS NOW YAAAAY!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Giveaway due date is coming very soon. To be honest I want to just do the draw and pick the winner to get it over with! lol... but rules must be followed. Maybe next time I'll cut it down to prolly a week only. Good luck to all that joined! You guys take care, and remember....



  1. This look is pretty! I kind of want to do something simple, because it's hot, and I don't want my makeup to melt off!

  2. you look so sexy sa first picture!

    my bf do not have any idea about my blog. kapag nalaman niya... baka palo ako sa pwet...

  3. Oooo girl that's my color! LOL - i love neutral colors: browns, tans, golds, etc. I guess i'm just a neutral type of girl! Lovely colors! I can't wait for your drawing! I'm hoping i win cause i never win stuff hahaha! *crosses fingers!

  4. Wow, you look really really good!

  5. I love the colors you used. they look really good on you. it's very sexy! =D

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  7. natural beauty hun... you are true filipina beauty :) luv the necklace too :)

  8. So ur make up..u look gorgeous^^

  9. Such a nice look! Very pretty! I like this neutral make-up!
    Also your necklace looks so gorgeous!


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