Sunday, August 16, 2009

More tags and awards (Can you feel the love tonight? HA)

First up is from the lovely Sara of (Go check her site out, I just love reading her posts and if you haven't joined her contest yet then what the heck are you waiting for?) She is one of my favorite bloggers here. So anyways, the rules....

For this award, you are supposed to nominate 12 blogs that you love to read. I got tons of bloggers I love to read and this is going to be hard to narrow down. But anyways here's my pick =)

Louie- This girl has one of the best EOTD/LOTD out there. I wish to be as good as her one day ;)
Jing- This girl really knows how to keep her sinteresting every single time. =) From scary online games to pussy shaving (LOL. win).. she knows how to make someone keep coming back to read her posts.
Chee2x- This girl knows how to keep it real, and that's what I love about her posts. I feel like I can relate to her by just reading some of her posts :)
Thiamere- She has one of the best makeup reviews out there. Very detailed and straight to the point. GREAT nail art :)
Zoe- She is such a cutie! I enjoy reading her post and she is incredible talented when it comes to art.
Manju- She knows how to make me laugh and I really love reading her posts because I feel I can totally relate to her. Very sweeet girl!
MyMyGanda- This girl is pretty =) But what I like about her is how she keeps her posts simple and relatable to anyone.
Anastasia- Omg..2 words... incredibly talented. I enjoy reading (and watching) her makeup tutorials and I really wish I can be as good as her. She's incredibly sweet and nice :)
Makeupbyrenren- One of my favorite youtube stars. I love her tutorials, really amazing.
LabelleMel- Great hair tutorials :)) Very nice lady, she makes good reviews as well :)
Toothfairynotes- Another lady who just know how to blog. Really interesting posts
Funkiimonkee- Pretty lady. She has great hauls all over the places. =)

Ugh do I really have to do just 12??? Ima go overboard... here are some of my favorites as well :)

Mitch, Kym, Aicha, Shobe, Adin, Rhain,Rae60, Ciara and Jackie.

I hope I didn't forgot anyone. I just love reading everyones posts (that's why I'm subcribed to them, duh) but these people are just my most-read blogs out there. =)

Thank you Sara for nominating and passing this award to me! :)

Moving on...This next award is from Zoe, Adin and Ciara (thanks girlies :D)

I'm tagging anyone who reads this post :)

My girl Ciara tagged me twice. 5 things that I am currently Obsessed with and 11 things that makes me happy

5 things that I am currently Obsessed with

1) Makeup- uhm... need I say more? Particularly obsessed with:
  • Pink/Purple/Neutral frost e/s
  • MAC paint pot in soft ochre. (could be bye bye to UDPP?)
  • Nars Blush in Orgasm
  • False lashes (Cuz I just learned how to put one)
2) FOOTBALL (NFL)- preseason just started. HECK YEEAAAAAA (Go bears!)
3) Ghost stuff- I don't know but I've been watching more Ghost hunters/ Ghost adventures stuff lately. I'm still skeptical bout if there is really such thing as ghosts.. but it's interesting to watch.
4)Hersey's Symphony Cholocate- my sister got me into this. sigh... so good...
5)Bf- I dunno, I'm just obsessed bout him =) Always thinking what he's doing at this very moment, what his thinking etc.

11 things that makes me happy

1) Boyfriend
2) Food and eating out
3) Football (starting to sound like a broken record)
4) Holiday season (Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year)
5) Makeup (nyaha)
6) Traveling
7) Rain
8) Cold (but not freezing) weather
9) Nature
10) Giving out stuff :)
11) Seeing other people happy :)

That's it for now :) I will Add more stuff to the blog sale check it out! Stay pretty all xoxo


  1. Awww, so nice! I should had done that with my 12 bloggers majiggy, I just linked them. :-( Your way looks funner! lol.

    I'm currently obsessed with putting on falsies too, and for the same reason, I just learned how to put them on. Haha.

  2. thanks dear.. love to hear that somebody loves my page =)

  3. wah~ congrats on the awards!! (cuz your so nice and u do have a great blog!)

    omg....thats so funny, im kinda obssesed w/ ghost stuff lol (lately ive been watching this really funny anime, they think of this girl as a ghost because shes really creepy, but the way the anime is , is not even creepy its just hilarious, u should check it out, if u do tell me! :] heres the link:

    aww...your so sweet, and nice i wish i could b like that , giving out stuff makes u happy? your so nice! >_<

  4. Oh! you're so sweet. Thank you. I'm glad that my posts aren't too confusing. Actually, I edit alot. LOL.

    There's a lot on your list that I agree with. You've got some of my fav blogger babes too. :D

  5. Aww!! Thanks love!! I'm so excited!!! Hah! You're one of my favorite people to read!! Thanks so much for tagging me!! And I loved your answers. I gotta start watching NFL. I'm usually all about the college teams!! I'll have to watch some games!! Haha!!
    Xox Ciara<3<3

  6. thank u's a privilege to be one of ur favorites....I'm so happy to have discovered your blog...I just got my first soft ochre paint pot..It's nice that u like it...though for me I haven't tried it yet...but I love Nars Orgasm too...and those Ghost Stuff...I'm obsessed with it...right now I'm living in an old historical building which I think has ghost...Salamat Ulit!!!

  7. Awww you featured me! That makes me smile! I love GHOST HUNTERS! I always watch stuff like that and Seth gets annoyed with me. I'm really big on TRU TV Hahahaha!

  8. Wow..u play football?that's really intersting..U should watch a Thai horror movie called"Shutter", it's really good^^
    Thanks for writing about me*U r so nice~

  9. congrats on all the awards! and thanks again! for the tag... hahaha! you're just too sweet!



  10. hihi ^_^ aawww sweety thank you girl mwah mwah unang una pa ko hihi,hey girl you are good at makeup too no galing mo na sa blending and falsies :P

    ghost stuff/hunting i think is common at asian girls type ko din un :D but am not currently obsessed katakot HAHAHA...


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