Friday, August 7, 2009

On the Spot: Kissywear Single Eyeshadows

How I came across this product? I went to for the first time around May 2008 to check there cosmetics stuffs (This is also the first time I heard of NYX products) I already picked the item I would like to buy, but before I go checked out, I saw the "Free Shipping over $40" and at that time I got like $32 worth of item. So I was like "OK, 8 more dollars for free shipping.... hmm....why not take advantage of this duh". So I did...I looked for the cheapest item I could find and I landed on these. At that time I was also just starting with my makeup obsession, so getting eyeshadows as cheap as $2 (yes, 2 bucks each) would be a good start :)

My thoughts? (Ok... so, I decided to change this part from my usual novel-like review if you know what I'm saying ^^. I decided to do a "PROS and CONS" list instead; I just think it's easier to read and more straight to the point, although most likely It won't be as concise as I would like it to be lol )

  • Texture is creamy and soft- This has got to be my favorite e/s when it comes to texture (stila second). I am just obsess with the texture it's not even funny; everytime I use these eyeshadows, I swatch them on the back of my hand even if its not necessary.
  • Highly Pigmented- You know when you swatch an eyeshadow sometimes, you have to rub/swatch it a couple of times to get the color pay off. With these eyeshadows, you just need 1 or 2 rubs/swatch (I used circular motion) to get the color show. In these pictures, I swatched each eyeshadows using 1-2 strokes of my finger (minimal pressure) and swatch it on my arm 2x maximum.

Fr L to R: Highlight, Copper, Dove, Natural (LOVE THIS! Good for Highlight)

Fr L to R: Winter Green, Pearl, Mint

  • Sleek packaging- I love how these eyeshadows come in thin pots; they are very compact and can easily fit through any makeup bags and/or purses.
  • You can't beat the price :) 2 bucks y'all... go try it.


  • Breaks easily :( - OK... I can't really justify this. I am the type of person that when I get home, I just throw my purse/school bag either on the floor or bed. Maybe this was the reason why I chipped off 2 of my shadows.

But anyways, yes, 2 of my eyeshadows are chipped... hopefully it was more of my fault and not the quality of the product. (But again, 2 bucks, u can't complain)

  • A little bit chalky- yes it is. so beware of fallouts.
  • Can only be purchase at This is not really a con, but I wish it is something that can be purchased at drugstores such as CVS, walgreens, etc.

aaannd that's about it. If you are someone who is just starting with makeup I really really recommend these eyeshadows you guys =) Check and take advantage of there free shipping on orders $40 or more. Soo bellas, guess what? You know I love you all, especially my dear readers :) Soooo.... I decided to do an "On the spot Giveaway" right now! woot woot! I just want to know who really trully read my blog and I just want to say thank you guys for keeping up with me :) Half of my followers are probably just followers of my giveaway, not really what I talk about here LOL. So for those who really take there time to read my blog and leave lovely comments, I'll have these "surprise" or "on the spot" (hence the name) giveaway for you guys. All you have to do is leave a comment here saying "EM", which is our secret code for "Enter Me" along with ur usual comments and you are entered! That simple. This giveaway is due in the next 24 hours (yes that fast!) which is AUGUST 9 at 1:30 am Central time. Click on here to see ur price =) It's a false lashes kit (with a lash glue & lipgloss) from ICING (as you can see its not something for everyday look lol but I think this is great for those of you who likes to do FOTD or use this for a contest or something ;D ) and a pair of gorgeous dangling earrings, also from ICING. I will pick the winner (sorry just one for now) thru random draw and announce it the same day! yaaay! So goodluck to the winner and remember gals, stay pretty inside and out. xoxo


  1. gah... I hate things that chips quickly...
    I've once dropped my nars bronzer, and had to buy a new one the next day, since it's one of my fav. products!

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. oohh i tend to throw down my bag as soon as i get home too. it's bad, and i try to be careful n stop doing it, but i'll still do it unthinkingly sometimes. we love you too hun, but you already know that right ;)
    lol this giveaway feels like some top secret mission thing

  3. I really wanna try them one day...Nice colors^^

  4. lol! hey i can't believe nooone else noticed i think its coz it's the weekend maybe
    ok EM then ;)

  5. EM!
    i really wish shipping internationally for cherryculture was cheaper...cos these shadows seem really nice and great for everyday use! :(
    anyhow, great review. I think the pros and cons are a much better format of reviewing things btw!

  6. Anyways, they are looks ver nice! All the colors such a cool!

  7. hi dear, I've done the tag, so check it out if you like!



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