Saturday, August 1, 2009

On the Spot: MAC Blot powder

How I came across this product? This was first introduced to me by my cousin couple years ago. I used to use those clean and clear blotting sheet (blue ones) and I find that it doubles the "oilage" on my face everytime. I also used those blotting paper that has powder in it; it works, but those messed up my makeup since the foundation and the powder on the blotting paper are 2 completely different shades. So since then, I've been on the quest for the right blotting product.

Ok first of all, a blotting powder is NOT a foundation powder. The name speaks for itself, its a BLOTTING powder. I've read a couple of reviews on web people complaining about this product "not doing anything but just blot". a big HELLO?! to those people. I mean what else do you expect this product to be? It suppose to blot the face, keeping it oil free and matte for long hours, hence the name BLOTTING powder. So for those people, I suggest reading the product DESCRIPTION first before y'all complain about a product not doing it's thing.

My thoughts? I absolutely LOVE this powder. The fact it comes in a pressed powder form, mirror and face applicator majig thingy (Lord, I don't know what its called. u know what im talking about? like the circle thingie?ugh..u get my point) it is very compact. I don't use the circle thing face applicator, I prefer using a buffer brush or my retractable kabuki brush for better coverage and application. Blot powders like this does not really give off any color, although they come in different shades. Maybe, just maybe, you can use this as a foundation IF you have little to zero facial problems (like no blemishes, dark circles, uneven skin tones) you can use this as a foundation. Since this doesn't really show much color to your skin, this would work as a setting powder as well in my opinion after you just put ur liquid foundation. For me, this blotting powder last about 6-8 hours before my next application...which for me isn't that bad. I'm not expecting any product in this world than can ever make me matte throughout that day as I am incredibly oily and I've accepted that it's going to be that way till the day I die (but you are more than welcome to prove me wrong anytime :]) But during the winter season, I find myself sometimes not even reaching for this,which is somewhat a good thing I guess.

The only thing I would say the least thing I like about this product is the price. Considering I don't have any MAC around my place, I have to either go online or drive to Chicago just to get this bad boy and that means extra $$ for shipping or gas. I believe this cost $21 each. But then, I feel its all worth considering this is like one of my major staple and I do use it on a daily basis. (Not like an eyeshadow or blush for $28 plus dollars that I hardly reach for. God I'm such an impulsive buyer I swear)

So if you have oily skin like I do and wouldn't mind spending a lil more cash, maybe you can try this product. I didnt break out from this, EVER. It's just's meant for my skin lol. No, but seriously. This is just one of my must haves.

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Stay pretty everyone! xoxo


  1. I love this stuff too! Great review! Sorry its so hard for you to get it! Mac should be easier to access since its an addiction to most. jk.


  2. The time i still do not know how to put on make up, my elder sister gave me a mac blot as a birthday gift. but that was few years ago.
    hindi ko alam kung ano yun... lol ! tapos yan lang gamit ko school, gosh walang man lang foundation ako na gamit.

    now... maarte nako =P

    have a nice day jo :)

  3. do i get a prize if i take up the challenge and prove u wrong ;p haha
    i used to have terribly oily skin too, in fact, combination oily skin.clogged pores, n i'd often get blackheads and breakouts T_T
    and my face would get all shiny after a few hours.i got so sick of it, so i tried researching. wat u'v got to do is make sure your cleanser is very mild, that it's not stripping all the oil on your face. coz when that happens your oil glands are stimulated to produce more oil, so it kinda becomes a vicious circle, see wat i mean. and i started using bio-oil. sounds weird at first, but it keeps the oil balance normal on your skin. my friend used extra virgin olive oil and it worked for her, but that gave me a breakout T_T
    and yeah drink loadsss of water. i don't even blot at all now. gosh i wrote a lot! haha

  4. thanks for the review. i'm gonna get this product now! i always use blotting sheets and it's soo annoying using three a day.


  5. nice review!

    love the pic with the monkey in the mirror!


  6. very nice. i think i should get this, because i keep forgetting to blot as often as I should.. ha-ha. eww.

    thanks for sharing!

  7. ahhh i really wanna try that blotting powder! but i wish they came with a prettier compact.. lol

  8. I keep hearing about MAC's blot powder, but I'm not too sure if I want to spend that much money on it. But since so many people keep raving about it, I might just give it a try! :)

  9. awesome nice review :) its a setting powder ba am so ignorant with it comes mac product lol.

  10. Another Mac! Everybody's talking about Mac everyhting... Well I guess I learn new things everyday.


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