Thursday, August 27, 2009

Second Giveaway! =) [CLOSED]

Hello ladies! Since I have 100+ followers (woohoo!) I've decided to do a giveaway. I've been thinking if I should give out makeup again or something else. Since I've been lemming for jewelries and accesories these days, how about we add some "bling" to your collection?

I'm giving out a Silver-tone Cubic Zirconia Fashion Ring [Size 7] =) [Retail price: $22]

it's tied up to prevent me from using it lol

How to enter:

for 1 entry:

- must be a follower
- leave a comment on this post telling me what's your favorite jewelry (ring, necklace, earrings, anklet etc.) and why?

for 2 entries:

- complete the instructions "for 1 entry"
- post this on your blog and post the link in the comment box
for more 1 additional entry:

- complete the intructions "for 2 entries" OR "for 1 entry"
- follow me on twitter, , and state in the comment box that you followed me.

I might add more stuff with this, depends how fast I'll be broke in the future lol. There's only g1 winner for this giveaway and will be pick via friendly ;) Deadline will be on Monday, September 7, 2009 @ 11:59 central time. I need at least 5 entries for the giveaway to take place.

LOL, I thought I'll be MIA once school starts but doesn't seem like it. Well, we haven't done so much lately, its kinda a laid back week. Things will crank up by 2 or 3 weeks. Oh well.

I just want to say thank you thank you thank you to all of you!!! You guys really make my day. Special thank yous and hugs to those who gave thoughtful words regarding my schooling. You guys have no idea how that made me feel. I love all of you<3333333

stay good and pretty everyone xoxo


  1. My favorite jewelry is necklace because its what stands out the most in my opinion.

  2. wow,2nd giveaway,my 1st giveaway hasnt ended yet
    ny face jewelry is watch !hehe
    they r not really pretty but useful.:P

  3. wow!

    i love dangling earrings
    for in my case i have a round face..dangling earrings elongate my face so its a must for me!

    i posted your giveaway HERE

    goodluck to everyone!

  4. Congrats on 100 followers love!! I would enter but I wear a size 8!! So good luck to you all loves!! <3<3!! :D

  5. posted your giveaway here
    wish me luck

  6. wooooo! bliggggin'! love it jb! my fave piece of jewelry would have to be earrings.. just adds so much more spice to your look! hehe! ;)

  7. My fave would be necklace because it is so much easier to wear and match with dresses.

    i requested on twitter =)

  8. I would say my favorite accessory is a ring I love to see a wonderful thing on my hand when I do makeup on other people :) lol call me weird :)

    that is a wonderful ring! :)

  9. my favorite is rings since you canliterally pile them on to your fingers

  10. My favourite jewellery are rings, because they look beautiful with my polishes.

  11. My favorite are earrings, I find it most comfortable!
    I've sent a request to follow you on twitter (nina0205) and I've blogged about the giveaway:

  12. My favorite are earrings, i like them BIG or DANGLING. I feel it's part of me, not just my outfit but my whole body, I can probably walk naked, but I need earrings on, no kidding. LOL. =)

  13. My favourite item of jewelery are my necklaces because they can make any clothing look gorgeous with a statement necklace! :) Lovelyy blog xox

  14. awww cute ring!! My fav jewelries are my necklaces, I spend a lot of time on the computer so I find that sometimes bracelets can be too clunky.

    And I agree with you on the saleswomen comment, if I ask them all these questions and they don't know how to answer them then I dont buy the product esp if I'm buying anything electronic or cosmetics! i figure if you're going to represent the brand then you should at least know a bit about them. Have a great weekend!

  15. Congrats!!! so exciting!! The ring is so pretty!! I love lots of jewlry! necklaces are my favorite! They add so much to your look without trying!!

    Congrats again! On to 200!

  16. I am a follower and my favorite item of jewelry is bracelets! They can be layered and look good with any outfit!

    cherryblossomsdesign at hotmail

  17. I requested to follow you on Twitter @CherryBlossBaby

    cherryblossomsdesign at hotmail

  18. i have to say earrings! must have them or i feel naked!


  19. hello<333
    my favorite jewelry is rings b/c every ring has a story that you can hold close to your heart :)

  20. hi dear,

    my favorite jewelry is ring.
    i am spreading the word here:

    my email address:

    love lots,

  21. This ring is wonderful!
    I am entering <3
    I love rings and neckleaces. :)
    I posted about it on my blog

  22. yay!!Giveaway......

    My Fave jewelry is ring...and I've posted about this giveaway here.....


  23. Hi Joanna! Wow! That's really beautiful!

    Necklaces are my favorite, because they don't get in the way when I work with my hands!

    Blogged about you here:

    Thank you!

  24. wow it's beautiful!!!!! sorry for my english spero di vincere un saluto dall'Italia bye bye rosa

  25. My favorite jewelery will be those chunky or metal bracelets cause it gives off a cool vibe. Well, that's what I think.

    Here's the link for the post about the giveaway in my blog:

  26. Its so pretty, Joanna. I did all the entries and I am a follower.

    My favorite piece of jewelry that I have is a cream cuff with a few different colors on it that I got from Banana republic. It is cute and goes with almost anything that I wear. But if we are talking about what I like in general,I would say earrings. They can change a whole look.

    I blogged:

    I am following you on twitter: shopgurl

  27. Mine are rings, I just can't get enough of them.

    following on twitter:sunchicka

  28. I am a size 7 and your giveaway is calling me... Hehehe! My favorite piece of jewelry is necklace because it instantly adds ooomph to every outfit (depends on the pendant).

    I am following you on Twitter:

    Fun giveaway! The ring is just but lovely...

  29. i follow!

    i love rings; and i don't know why!

  30. I like big earrings because I think they match my long hair ^^
    Thanks a lot and I am a new follower.

  31. my ultimate favorite is my simple silver ring because it was given to me of my bf ^_^

    I posted your giveaway here:

    I followed your twitter and also posted your giveaway:

  32. Hello darling thank you so much for thi contest!!! I love rings! It started this summer when I lost some weight and my fingers lost weight too!! haha now I can have rings!!! So this contest is just a dream!! I hope I have so much luck to win!!
    I posted about your contest here:

    I follow you on twitter girl!!

    big hugs!!


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