Wednesday, August 26, 2009 has free shipping... forever? Oh, I didn't get the memo...

Hello Ladies! So I went to and saw free shipping on any order and I was like "oh cool" and thought probably this is limited time only. Then I try to look for more information about it like when it's going to end and apparently didn't say anything about it. So is this forever? When did this started?!

Well that's great news. I love smashbox, although I don't think I have a whole lot of products from them, at least not as much as MAC you know. But yes, if you are a Smashbox junkie... you might want to head there now and take advantage of the free shipping AND 25-50% off Sale (Now this one is limited time only I believe) Sorry, US people only.

That's about it :) I've been reading some back to school posts. So how's everyones first day? :)

Stay pretty all xoxo


  1. i love smashbox too.. but it was expensive here =(

  2. Yep! And Tuesday and Thursday are the best days to shop. lol
    You can get a freebie. =D

  3. I think if you order from Smashbox between 11-1 Mon-Fri, or something like that, you get a free gift too. I remember reading something like that on their website a while back too.

  4. Great find! Don't have a lot of smashbox stuff either, but been wanting to try some products from them :)

  5. Great gotta check out there site soon...


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