Friday, August 7, 2009

Stuff on what's new, what's coming, and giveaway

Hello Chicas! I just want to talk about a couple of things regarding what's new, what's coming up, and the giveaway. First of all, y'all prolly noticed by now (or not) that my blog has 3 columns now; i have a left AND right sidebar woo-hoooo!!! LOL. I know kinda shallow but yeah, I've always wanted it that way to put more stuff on the side. And for those of you who frequently comes in my blog, u prolly noticed i took the header image before and put it back again. I finally figured out how to put the image in the center :D (it kept goin to the left side.. u know what i mean, cuz its not the "right size" for the header) I'm glad its back there, i just love that image (hey, i put some effort in making that picture)

I also add a blog roll list on the left side :) Also, if you have twitter you can add me by clicking the twitter image on the right side. I've had it for some time now but I really don't use it much. But yeah, if you like (not forcing u or anything) to add me just click on it. Also, I'm planning to put like a "What's coming up" list on the right side bar since theres so many things I want to blog about but not enough time, and prolly having a list will help me at least organized my thoughts. As you can see I've not really done much to be honest (couple of reviews, which I'm big on, and occasionaly FOTD/EOTD) but you know, I want to keep rolling with this blog... especially my summer days are coming to an end soon and I know for sure I won't be able to spend much time in here since I'm going to be really busy with my last semester (yes, this is it. I can't wait to graduate and get my RN license) I'll definitely still check my blog no worries, but I'm just saying, from 1 post per day to prolly 2 posts per week. Who knows, maybe I can handle this coming semester and can do more post than that. :)

Ok another thing on what's coming up.... I'm thinking of doing a blogsale. =) As a makeupjunkee, I tend to be an impulsive buyer; I buy stuff just for the sake of owning one. You know what I'm saying? Yes I use my products but sometimes I hardly reach for it. From now on, I'll try to be more "practical"...I know that when ur addicted to makeup, theres really no such thing as being "practical" lol cuz u want to have everything. Or at least want to try everything. Like for example, instead of buying MAC e/s on pot form, I'll buy the pan ones-- a) saves storage space b) saves money (3 dollars less). If I want to create a look I can just use a finished palette or something like that. So yes ladies, watch out for this!!! =) I'm selling some of my makeup goodies and also other stuffs!

Last but not least is the giveaway. WOOT....5 more days chicas!!! I can't wait to announce whose the lucky winner! For those of you who haven't entered and is planning to join, can you please indicate on the email what your Blogger username is so I can track down whose who on my inbox? It's kinda hard to match people up since some people don't have the same username for there email, but some of you did indicate (thank you ladies!) But for those of you who already joined, don't worry chicas... I got it already :)

From 2 to 83 followers in a month.... all I can say is thank you so much. BIG BIG THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO REALLY READ MY BLOG ;) I love you guys!!! That's about it, if you guys have questions you can email me at or simply leave a comment in this post or my CBOX.

Have a great day and remember, stay pretty inside and out :)


  1. thanks for tagging me!
    i really wanna pimp up my blog a bit too, gonna do that as soon as get some free time. congrats on your followers lady :)

  2. woooo! lotsa changes, love it! have a great weekend jB (can i call you that? i like the ring it has to it. hahah!)

  3. nice..I always wanted a 3 column layout..I just don't know how to...anyway..I'll follow u on twitter...:)

  4. oooh! i can't wait to see what in the blogsale. I'm getting excited.

    Having a 3 column blog is so much more convenient, huh?! I like it!

  5. Congrats with school! Yayyyy! You'll be fine even if you have to slow down on your blogs *sniff sniff!

    Can't wait to see what you're selling & can't wait til the winner in announced for the giveaway! Excited!

    I noticed your layout right away & i like all the ideas you have for it. I saw the last tag on the photo thing - i'll get to it as soon as i can find my hard drive. LOL - cause that's where i store all my pictures :)


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