Sunday, August 23, 2009

True Life: I'm a nursing student

Hello Ladies! In less than 24 hours I'm heading to school. Much worse, I'm actually heading for my clinicals. (My lecture is during wednesdays) I'm soo not looking forward to tomorrow.

Yes, I'm a nursing student. Before, I don't want to be a nurse. I HATE the idea of me becoming a nurse. I feel like people taking this profession are only doing it for the sake of money, not cuz they truly want to help out those who are sick. On top of that, everyone in my family is a nurse. I've always wanted to be a doctor but my family brainwashed me into taking nursing FIRST, then afterwards possibly pursue the career I've always wanted. So I just said "YES" to them... possible the hardest thing I've done in my life. .

What changed my perspective is what I went through the past 3 years of schooling. I'm telling you, this is the hardest thing I went through my school life ever. Not saying I'm a smarty pants or anything, but the pressure, expectations and such sometimes feel like beyond realistic. Like you gave everything, but its not enough...and it's crushing sometimes. Quizzes every week from 5 chapters and only 15 items on the quiz?! ARE U KIDDING ME? Knowing every single information about medication (class, food interaction, side effects, action, half life yada yada yada) and typing them all and NOT HAVING THEM GRADED AT ALL. ARE U FOR REAL?! After dealing with all those stuff I have to go through in this program, I can't help but to admire and respect the nurses in our society. Thinking of my fellow filipinos/filipinas taking nursing and leaving there family behind to go abroad so they can earn some money is such a difficult decision and you can't help but look up to them and see how determine these people. Now, I absolutely love what I do and what I will become one day :) *crosses fingers, hehe* I guess its an advantage how I always wanted to be in the health care field, so it's not so bad afterall.

Getting ready for tomorrows orientation. Lavender Stethoscope FTW :D

Tiny Haul. Back to school stuff.

Yes, we need a watch for our clinical. We use this to count HR and if someone has a seizure. (hopefully I won't encounter that) It's freakin cute! 10 bucks from walmart :D

I hope those post-it flags are enough...

I'll try my best to post something from time to time. I love having a blog and share these things with you guys ( I love all of you!) I have a couple of things I need to put up still (Zoe's tag and Review) annnnnd possibly a contest soon (woot!) To those of you who are Registered nurses already, I SALUTE YOU! Any tips on passing NCLEX? haha... I'm doing Med-Surg III and we're going to be heavy on ECG readings. HELP :/

Take care and stay pretty everyone xoxo


  1. Gosh, I really liked reading this post because I'm on my way to becoming a nursing student. I'm still in the process of finishing up my prerequisites. I'm so nervous & scared about how hard everything will be because I know it won't be easy. But I'm sure in the end, it'll all have been worth it. And we'll be able to walk about with knowing we've accomplished something not very many people could do :)

  2. Good luck with school! That's a really cute watch :).

  3. i also have a watch with a big white strap, but your is way cuter!
    good luck with the studies sweetie,you can do this, go Joanna!!!!!! ;)

  4. Good luck. I think you are really smart.
    Nursing is very hard, but you can do it :)
    Take care

  5. Everybody is constantly telling me to go into nursing. I'm not a hospital type of girl. lol
    I think it's just because there are people in my family who are nurses...

    I worked in there once for a Summer Program as a patient transporter, hated it.
    I can't bare seeing people sick. =[
    GOOD LUCK TO YOU! I'm sure you're going to make a wonderful nurse.

  6. awww, the watch is so cute! best of luck for back to school, i want to work in the health care field too when i go to uni! It's hard but i guess in the end, it's worth it! Good luck good luck!

  7. Good luck with school! Much respect given. I kno its a lot of hard work! but it will all pay off!

  8. aww, joanna, it must have been hard giving up your dream to make your family happy. but it ever you do want to go on to med school after becoming a nurse i think the experience will help you take better care of your patients, then.

    take care of yourself and good luck with your studies. =))

  9. Hard work but you're doing great! Glad that you found out you enjoy this - because on the other hand in my case i hated what i do. So i'm doing a complete 360 and getting into Beauty. But at least i still have the Medical to fallback on!

    Good luck girl! Can't wait to see your posts since you've been MIA - but it's okay because we understand! Get your priorities taken care of first :)

  10. Thank you ladies for the encouragement! I love you all sooo much!!! <3

  11. aww...glad that it worked out for u and that u like nursing

    good luck and have fun at nursing school

    i really liek your nursing outfit its cute

    omg your watch is so cute....but wait what?? only $10 at good deal

  12. aaw goodluck girly i know you will be a hot and gorgeous nurse yihee :) true mahirap na course yan di biro.. saludo din ako esp sa mga pinay nurse galing nyo woot!! i love your uniform parang pang doctor na hihi and nice white watch linis tingnan :D .. I'm pretty sure your parents will proud of you pagnakatapos ka.yay!!

    thank you for the nice comment dear sounds that you really miss pinoy fruits and food

    Good luck once again.. mwah tc!


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