Sunday, September 6, 2009

Concealer Tips

Hello Ladies! I'm sure most of us are already back to school (for those, of course, going to school whether college or highschool) and our stress levels are going to be sky rocket once again. And yes, when's a better time to breakout than this time of the year? UPDATE: I got 3 humongous zits now. I don't know about you ladies saying you don't see one on the look I did recently but its sooo apparent, and now its bigger and redder than ever. Ok, sorry TMI...

Anyways, since I'm no expert on what product to use when a zit pops out (although you can try using Clinique's acne solution spot healing gel) maybe I can share I few tips and tricks on how to cover those nasty zits/blemishes/acnes using our concealers. Most of you probably don't have any problems with acne (so lucky you people) but you can't avoid it from time to time right? So yes... I hope these helps.

General Concealing tips....

  • Don’t test concealer color on your hand. Match it to the skin on your face and neck.
  • Concealer should be applied as sparingly as possible. You don’t want it to be cakey or thick. (Personal note: Another tip that goes along with this one is always moisturize your skin especially areas where there's so many "activities" going on before putting anything. This will prevent the concealer from cake-ing or flaking)
  • If you find that your concealer goes dry during the day, you should try dabbing on eye cream or gel to revive then set with powder.
  • You should try choosing a concealer that is one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Doing so will help you cover dark circles and blemishes more naturally.

Using concealers to.....

Minimize shadows - For light to medium shadows found around the eye area, using a foundation shade one or two shades lighter than normal foundation shade, gently pat a thin layer of concealer around your eyes as needed. Then, using short strokes, blend in the color and buff out edges. Follow with normal foundation application. Loose powder tip: if you find that the loose powder concealer color is settling into creases or feels too dry, just simply spritz or tap on a thin layer of toner or water and gently blend away.

Cover Dark Under Eye Circles - Apply a thin layer of white concealer or using a foundation shade one or two shades lighter than normal foundation shade, to the dark under eye circles under the eye making sure the coverage is even. Follow with normal foundation application being sure to cover the lightened areas completely for a smooth even finish.

To Open the Eyes - Applying a light concealer shade just below the brow line, gently opens the eye area without bringing too much attention to the area. Also, applying a concealer in peach or mauve very close to the lash line, top and bottom also gives the appearance of 'bright eyes' and is great for emphasizing the eye color.

Spot Treating - When it comes to covering acne and or red spots, use a powder concealer for better adhesion and always apply spot concealer with a fine tipped brush and place it directly on top of the blemish you wish to erase. Spot concealing is fairly easy to do depending on your choice of application.

Colored Concealer... What's there purpose?

GREEN- neutralize the redness in a blemish.

YELLOW- neutralizer for red if the red is light or orangeish in color.

BLUE- makes a "flushed" complexion look paler

WHITE/PEACH- help cover up dark under eye circles and improve dullness

LAVENDERS/MAUVES- give a over yellowish complexion a healthier glow.

Other concealer tricks... (a lil bit unconventional..)

  • You can add yellow eye shadow to concealer or foundation to conceal dark circles.
  • You can also use the residue in the cap of your foundation as the perfect concealer. It is slightly dehydrated, which makes it just the right thickness to conceal.
  • After applying the concealer if it gives a heavy look then you should apply a little bit of eye cream over it. You can also mix the concealer with some eye cream to make it a 'treatment' concealer.

Phew... that's a Handful right there. Anyways, I hope that helps you ladies! Enjoy the rest of your weekends ladies, and remember stay pretty inside and out! xoxo



  1. "Don’t test concealer color on your hand. Match it to the skin on your face and neck." omg great tip! My face color is totally diff than my hand yet sometimes I forget and test concealer on my arm anyways lol.

    and I'm going to try the method to cover the dark color under my eyes :D

    yeah I agree that Lindsey Lohan is a trainwreck, but that's the reason we love watching her! Or maybe it's just me, I guess I also enjoy a good nascar car crash too LOL that makes me sound horrible...

  2. thanks for the great concealer tips!!! i had no clue about all those diff colors and what they do..

    for zits try tea tree oil.. that stuff zaps it right off!

  3. hey this is pretty cool. I like the other concealer tricks.

    im sorry to hear about your growing zit. a trick i like to do which never failed me is dab on white toothpaste on it. I dont know why, but it works for me.

  4. great tips! i always have a problem finding concealer shades to match me, because the lightest color they have is never light enough for me!

    how much longer do you have left of nursing school? and don't worry, once you finish and find a job you can haul lots of stuff too!

  5. whoaaa! i didn't know all that. i feel so dumb lol, which concealer dyou use??
    and OMG i got sidetracked by this post!Joanna!!!!!!!!! Wheeeeeee!!!! Guess what I received in the mail today ;D
    i'm wearing the earrings already ^^ love them! i need to try everything and blog abt it wen i get home. thank you so much!! :D
    i love that new pic you put in the sidebar btw, you look gorgeous in it! big hugs for you hun


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