Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Contest Entries So far + Love Packages + Tag by Emily

Hello ladies!!! School is keeping me hella busy lately, but I'm still here. I just want to share y'all my entries so far for my First makeup contest :)))))))))))))))))))) And so far... I'm loving them!!!

GREAT JOB LADIESSS!!!!! :D I really appreciate you guys joining! Theres still plenty of time to join my contest! Click here or the banner on the upper right side bar for more information :)

I got 2 unexpected packages today, one from my BF and one from Ms. Thiamare :) Thia is sooo sweeet to send me free samples just because she feels like it. I can't thank you enough!!!! I can't wait to try them, and I will get back at you one day haha. And my bf just got me more clothes lol. I asked if he has any hoodie that he doesn't wear that much anymore so I can keep it and wear it. I like wearing his clothes just because it makes me feel like he's just around me and holding me. i miss him :((((

Pardon the picture quality, I used my phone becoz sissy stole my digicam :/

I saw the candies and chocolate she gave me and they instantly brought back childhood memories!!!! I LOVE CHOCNUTS and HAWHAWs! After I took this picture, I ate them ALL. LOL. sorry. Thank you thia for being generous, you are a sweetheart! :))))

BF got me some PJs and an argylle shirt from old navy. Thank baby :)

And last is I got tagged by Emily from Pink Monkey about my thoughts on future clothes or fashion. I went to Polyvore and created my own fashion collage of things I want in the future! I had fun doing this.lol. so many clothes!!! I had more in mind but it might take 10 blog posts to post all the things I want haha. Anyways here they are....

Dressy Tops :)

Outwear. Cuz its fall season already!!! :)

And speaking of fall, here's a set that I made. Not so much color going on but I really like the style and everything. :)

Cocktail dresses. Cute!! :)

Last but definitely not least, Shoes!!! I really want some new wedges or pumps, the strap ones are SMOKIN HOT!! For the boots, I really like the tall, black one on the far left of the picture. Its Jimmy Choo and sexxxaaayy!! Kinda reminds me of Lady Gaga's boots on the VMA this year, without the design on the side.

I'm tagging everyone! :D

That's it for now. School is doing just fine, midterm is in 2 fcking weeks! DAMN. I wish all of you enjoy the rest of your weekday! Stay pretty everyone!


  1. Aww! I think I saw my picture lol: Thanq for posted :)

    So nice packages! Thiamere is so sweet! Seems like you got more BB samples to try :)

  2. I am loving the contest entries too! :) Haha!
    And oh, I love the black-silver-gray set. They look perfect together! ;)

  3. wow @ thia generous talga christmas in septembah! dont you just love receiving goodies . love your taste in outfit! yay for your entries weee I still have time :P

  4. Great photos. All of them are really good ^^

  5. they're both sweet :) i def want more shoes too... but thats every day lol

  6. great entries for your contest! and cool new stuffs! :)

  7. Love your polyvore creations, hun and yay to love packs! =)

  8. wow, look at all that awesome stuff!

  9. u are making me crave chocnut! lol
    and clothes!
    and shoes! haha


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