Friday, September 25, 2009

DSK Love :)))

Hello Ladies! It's friday and I can't be more thankful that this week is over. So busy with school, I just can't wait for thanksgiving break.

I want to share with you my lovely readers my DSK jewelries! My lovely BF got me these (thank youuuuu habibi sooo sweeet of you as always :]]) He original just want to get me 2 things, but the next day after he just purchased 2 items, he got me 4 more. lol. He said, he'd rather buy me jewelries than makeup, cuz makeup don't last forever but jewelry does. Well, I couldn't disagree, but my love for makeup will always remain the same. :D

***Pardon the quality on pictures that I'm wearing them. I used my phone because I couldn't find my freakin camera at all. Imma choke my sister ughhh.

Other than that, I'm soooo proud of myself on how the pictures with the jewelry alone turned out! They loook soo professional! I'm a freakin photographer! :D

First up, the Double Starfish Crystal & Amber Necklace :)

Simple yet playful. Since I got this I've been wearing this almost everyday. CUTENESSS :)

Second is the Big Daddy DSK Diamond Star Earrings :)

They were bigger than I thought, but I love them! They're so adorable. It came with the bottle thing and a pouch, really cute packaging :)

Third, this is my favorite item of all (all of them are my faves, but this one is just to die for). This one is Called Summer Baby :) I never thought that the AB crystal would be that freakin sparkly in person..gorgeous!

Love love love it :) Elegant yet casual.

Fourth, is the Twilight Bracelet. I know what y'all thinking lol. I know I'm not a twilight fan, but this bracelet is just calling my name for some reason haha.

What a beauty. Look at the heart links. I wear this every single day, and I even wore this to sleep one time. lol.

The last two items that I got are the individual crytal pendants in Crescent Moon (aquamarine) and Starfish (Light Amethyst) My BF wanted to get me another necklace that has a combination of pink and light blue crytals but unfortunately there is nothing in her website that is availble at that time (I believe there is one but you have to be on waiting list, and both of us are impatient lol) Luckily for us, Steph was selling those individual ones and I told my bf why don't we just get those and since I have a spare sterling silver link. And yes, we got them instead.

My lips look awkward. Failed pout. LOL.

Monkey Shot. I think I took this picture around 3:00 am and my starbucks coffee was kicking in.

The everything :) Packaging is soo adorable, and of course she included candies!

I'm extremely happy with all the items I got. All are perfect! Steph is very sweet and she replied to all my emails quickly.

Visit now to check Steph's lovely jewelries. All were made by Steph and only uses genuine swarovski crystals. Who hasn't heard of DSK, and who doesn't like it? You gotta be smokin on something for you to think so.

Stay pretty everyone! Have a great weekend! xoxo


  1. Niiice DSK haul, girl!! I esp love your Summer Baby necklace. :D

  2. Such nice haul! Your BF is so sweet to you!
    I like all the bling bling goodies!

  3. Wooooow! It looks totally great! So cute <3

  4. ohhh wow that's so much DSK!! awww soo pretty :D Thanks SO MUCH for putting up my logo! You're too sweet :D have a great weekend looking bling in all your new jewelries!

  5. Awww, your bf is so nice! I love DSK! <3 Rina

  6. The twilight bracelet is super cute!

  7. Sooo cute!! I love it all! Especially the starfish necklace! To die for1!! :D

  8. i see some bling bling!
    your boyfriend keeps spoiling you lol, you guys r just too sweet ^^
    the summer baby one is gorgeous!

    and don't worry you weren't the only psycho kid around, guess i was kind of psycho you don't want to know the things i did to my barbies >_<

    i actually deleted my twitter acc >_< the addiction was getting a bit too out of control
    but i've still got facebook! add meeeeee :D


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