Thursday, September 17, 2009

Giving IM shots for the very first time

Soooooo.... I'm giving my very first IM shots tomorrow at our local public health. I've done almost everything as a nursing student (giving IV meds, inserting IVs, administering subcutaneous injections, giving blood transfusion, inserting foley caths, change draining devices, remove suture lines and many many more) yet I have to deal my very first Intramuscular injection... on my very last semester. Just when I thought I'm going to graduate without any experience with administering IM injection, opportunity came knocking and I can't let this one walk away from me!

I'm actually really excited. I think I'm the biggest dork out there, I enjoy IV insertion and seeing surgical procedure (I've seen 2 C-section in 1 day and 4 carpal tunnel surgeries. I wish I've seen more!) I have yet to decide what nursing field I want to take on after I graduate. Like I mention in my last tag, I work really good under pressure... and I've been wanting to work at the ER (or Pediatrics..cuz I love kiddos) and eventually work at the ICU. I don't mind Medical Surgical Floor.

So yes, looking forward for tomorrow! I'll be at the Clinic from 5:00-7:00pm.

So,do you guys have anything that you've always want to try but never had a chance -OR- is still hoping that one day will be able to do so? :)

Stay pretty everyone! xoxo


  1. Wow! Congrats! really wish you good luck!

  2. woww!! u are BRAVE!! im scared of needles!!

  3. Nahh, i'm the biggest dork, i'm bloody scared of needles >_<

  4. Congrats! Woo! Another stepping stone eh <3 Its a good thing you're not squeamish about needles... I personally hate needles that's why I can't ever be a nurse.

  5. Congrats and good luck! I'm a chicken around

  6. ohh that's so cool! and watching 2 c sections?! I think I'd faint after the first one LOL. I can't even stand watching some of the scenes in House. As for Kayne ya he's a douche! haha I just came back from Toronto and I saw in a boutique store a shirt that says "Kayne is a whiny b*tch" LOL!

  7. I am not a nurse, but I love working out of the ER because its something fun and different and every patient is different. I also love x-raying trauma patients.

    And I hope you had a blast and learned a lot in your clinicals today!

  8. congrats! my frd is a nurse and she really likes IV insertion as, she says its the fun part of the job. haha.
    hope it went well for you...please update us on it!

    i love reading your blog, can't wait for the next post!! hehe

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  10. your so brave.. im scared of needles so i couldn't imagine giving anyone else an injection^^ xox


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