Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Feel Loved <3 (Clothing + Jewelry + GSP Haulage) [HEAVY PICS]

Hello Ladies! aaahhhh... I'm such in a good mood today. I got an A on my first quiz (cramming my ass for this quiz, I swore to God I'd fail this since I don't know Sh*t) and its the greatest feeling ever as a nursing student. LOL. Yes, you rarely get an A once you enter the nursing program... and getting an A is such a divine feeling; people would kill to get a B or C+. So yea.. I guess I deserve a break from all that studying so I figured I'd do this collective haulage that I've been wanting to share to you all ;)

Some of you know me and my Bf just had our anniversary :) So instead of him getting me something makeup related (which he prolly won't do anyway since he thinks I reached my quota for how much makeup I can purchase within this year lol) he got me some clothes which is really nice because I need new clothes and I really want a new dress (I don't know. I know summer just end, what the heck am I gona do with a dress. But i want one so shhhh) So here's what he got me....


YES... my bf gave me a baby hookah.haha soo cute. And no, I don't smoke.

And now for some mini fashion show... (all clothes are from forever 21 except for the last mirror picture)

I love ruffled dressy tops... its classy but at the same time casual. I was talking to my bf while I was doing this lol

My bf got me this. I didn't know he's gona get me another dress that almost resembles my blue dress. I like it. I wish I had bigger booobies.. I wouldve work this dress much better haha.

Another favorite! I love yellow clothes and I don't know why. I guess the color just stands up. The belt isn't included, I thought that it would go really well with this dress :)

I've been looking for like a semi casual top since everytime I pick up patients for my clinicals, I have to dress "professionally". It's just simple and clean; a big necklace or hair accesory can easily spice this wardrobe up ;)

(NOTE: pardon my dirty mirror, I'm gona do some major cleaning this weekend!) Yellow strap dressy top is from Victoria Secret ( I love it cuz it lifts my boobies up, making it look bigger haha. sorry, I'm not "gifted") and a Charlie Brown sweater [As soon as I took the sweater out of the package, I sniffed it and it smelled just like my makes me miss him a lot more every single day :((((((( ]

So that's it for clothes. Another thing my bf got me for our anniversary is jewelry! I've been lemming for a necklace with swarovski heart shape crystal pendant in deep blue color. We found one from gabriella's jewelry, and decided to get 2 swarovski heart shape necklace (one in blue and one in lilac)

Those colors are just giving me orgasm! HAHA. If you saw my recent LOTD, the necklace I was wearing is the same necklace shown in the picture above (lilac one) The necklace on left side was from maurices and I got it for free since I spent more than $50 couple weeks ago :)

And lastly this, lavender roses :) My bf supposedly wanted to surprise me but the flower guy called me asking for directions to my house = FAIL! lol. Thank you baby :))))))))

And last but definitely not least, I purchased some accesories from the gorgeous Julie (Also known as Pop Champagne) from her blog store Glam, Sparkle, and Pop. As soon as I got her package, I opened it up immediately and I was just in love...

AREN'T THEY ADORABLE OR WHAT?! LOVE IT!!! I love collecting accesories. Julie's items were maticulously done and are just a work of art. It's better than any accesories I have since these are handmade by her, and nothing beats handmade items, it always stands up. She even gave me an extra bow which was really unexpected as well as some candies (I ate them all lol) Julie, you are soo generous and kind. I wouldn't hesitate buying again from you :)

Here's me wearing them....

Black Bow Flower Headband :)

Basic Bow in Light Pink (So cute!)

The extra bow she gave me. I love it too! :)

Save the best for last.. my favorite!!! Black dotted Bow :)

Thank you soo much Julie! :)))

And we're done! Thank you for bearing with me! I got more packages coming lol but I can't wait any longer. I'll put up another haulage in the future! If you guys have any questions/comments/suggestions, leave me comment or email me.

Stay pretty everyone xoxo


  1. awww that's a cute gift..and girl! i love your fashion statement ! :)

  2. happy anni!! that's so sweet of your man to get you clothes hehe.. i love your ruffle dress, so cute and sexy

    really cute stuff from pop champagne, looks adorable on u!

  3. for your love of blings i highly recommend:

    "He Qi Crystals Design"

  4. Love the first white dress! super sexy and those necklaces are adorable!

  5. You look really sexy and pretty in those outfits^^
    Love the flowers, ur bf is so sweet~
    The hair accessories look really cute^^lovely post~

  6. Aw, how sweet. That ruffle dress is adorable.
    When I was in Michael's last month I saw so many swarovski crystals. You ever thought of making your own necklace?

  7. omg i love your dresses ang sexy mo rawr! . esp yung yellow i love love it :D..nice necklaces and so kawaii with the bow :D ..great haul :D i miss yah

  8. that is quite the haul!! ^^
    i love that white ruffled top! i want one just like that now haha
    and the yellow dress on the far left looks gorgeous!

  9. Aw girl you look so cute! *^_^* Congrats on that "A"...woot!! How sweet of your honey to get you all that.

  10. Hi Joanna! Good job on the quiz! Your dresses are so sexy. I love the yellow ones on you. ^^

    I love all the accessories you showed, too. The bows are too cute.

    And OMG- those roses are gorgeous!

  11. congrats on getting a A ....yay!!

    wah~ such great stuff u got

    haha hello kitty is so cute

    ooh i luv your dresses :) your so pretty

    have a great great week....and good luck to you in school

  12. Yay for an "A" on the nursing program! :] I'm still on the waiting list ;[ and I'm scared shitless not because of studying but because I gotta give up working to be a full time student ;[

    Your bf is too sweet to get you flowers and HK hookah!! hahaha that's the cutest ever! ;] and the dresses you got are so sexy! love it!

  13. hookah, babY!! that sure is fun. :) but don't get hooked on it though. j/k. :) those dresses are so pretty on you! :) i love em all. :) i so envy you getting to wear headbands, i just can't get use to them... i get headaches.. :(

  14. and that's just one more reason why you and i can get along so well ^^
    i haven't read The giving tree but i'm gonna check it out now!
    wear the white top,you look gorgeous in it! he won't know what hit him ;)

  15. I absolutely love the first dress! I love the yellow one too...the belt adds a nice touch to it.


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