Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Simple Fuschia FOTD [heavy pic..and meet my new zit]

Hello ladies! It's been awhile since I played with my makeup (school started, I have to part ways from them boo hooo!) so I came to "play" with my lovelies hehe. Here's what I came up with...

Warning: I got a zit on the right side of my nose. Viewer discretion is advised. Otherwise, proceed on your own risk. lol



Get the look! Here's what I've used...

Wales 78 Palette
NYX trio (used dark shade to fill my brows)
Kissywear E/S in Natural (highlight)
MAC paint pot Soft ochre
Lorac Eye pencil in Rich Black
Clinique Lash Primer
Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara
MAC lippy in Brave
Brushes: CS mini chisel (inner canthus of eye, under eye), CS italian round crease (outer lid), CS tapered crease brush (crease,blending, highlight), ELF e/s brush (lids)

Now for more vanity action...

My "sorta" inspiration :) Lilac swarovski heart in sterling silver = LOVE!!! (and no, it's not DSK.. altho I really want to own one from Steph! haul on jewelry and accesories soon!)

acccckkk....sign of stress number 1.

Peace out y'all! ;))))


  1. you look so lovely even with a zit. you cant even tell at all so dont worry about it.

  2. love the colors!! it's so vibrant and pretty

  3. pretty ladies need to suffer occasional zits to bring balance to the force. :) ok been watching too much big bang theory reruns. :) this fotd is simply gorj! must try that. :) thanks!

  4. hi joanna.. loving the pink fotd.. btw,, is that a new version of 78 pc palette?? it looks nicer than mine!!! :S also, thanks for the comment with regard the great lash mascara.. :D

  5. lol @ the beginning.
    I don't even see a zit girl!!

    Love the look!

  6. a zit!?! where? where? awww c'mon, you can barely even see it! ;P

  7. this is a very pretty look! all the colors go so well together and your necklace is beautiful, too!

  8. Dang, I haven't heard "inner canthus" since I was learning medical terminology 5 years ago in x-ray school!

    And a great look!

  9. that's a nice pop of pink! thanks for sharing

  10. aww you look great and lovely necklace! haha yeah pitcher beside night stand... i dunno when I get drunk I like to just take things from the bars, I think it's cuz secretly I resent them for charging so much for drinks LOL!

  11. I don't see a Zit. I won't believe it until I see it. lol. I really like that palette! I know you said Wales palette, but it looks like the Coastal sents one. . . but it's not, they're different colors! ooOOooh Lemming juices are flowing. I really like this look. Same here, its like once school starts all fun is gone. I haven't worn make up either since school started. wah.

  12. You look so pretty and sexy hun..love it^^

  13. you look gorgeous!! I love this look so much on you! The necklace is sooo pretty too!!



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