Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tagged: My Daily Makeup Routine

Hello ladiesss!!! I'm alive and still breathing despite the fact I had a rough first clinicals yesterday I picked 2 patients the night before, worked on there papers only to find out next day both of them are leaving. So I have to grab 2 new patients, get information on them WHILE working with them. (I just find it unease to work with patient without knowing any history or information about them. So yes, I HAVE to know information such as allergies, lab values, medications, procedures etc. without any cheat paper with me) On top of that, I had to stay at the hospital after clinical to gather more information about my patients since I have to make a new paperwork(s) All I can say is IM GLAD ITS TUESDAY AND ITS OVER. I don't know how I'm going to survive the next 14 weeks of clincails :/

Enough babbling lets get on to the tag! The cute Zoe tagged me :) I'm going to show you my daily makeup routine. Now... I don't wear makeup every single day, I only put foundation and blot powder since I oil a lot.. and we still have a summer weather so the heat aint helping to close my pores yet. So what I did is I'm going to show you what I often use :)

I'm going to start with my skincare since taking good care of your skin is crucial step.

Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser- My HG makeup remover slash facial wash

The Body Shop Seaweed Collection (Includes gel facial wash,toner,night time treatment moisturizer, and mattifying day cream)- My main skincare. I bought the travel/starting kit 2 months ago and I'm still not done with it! (except for toner) Works really well for me

Clinique Youth Surge Spf 15 Age decelerating moisturizer- My main moisturizer. I don't usually use this much on summer.

Anew Rejuvenate Eye Cream- I just recently bought this and I haven't tried it yet. I need an eye cream badly. I don't want to look like a dead zombie especially school = no sleep.

Now on to what I'd like to call special treatments

Clinique Acne Solutions Spot Healing Gel- Ok. I mentioned before Clinique skincare line hates me, but this one seems to love me. I use this for sudden pimple breakout. Really works!

Mary Kay Satin Lips Set (Lip Mask & Balm)- A lip mask? Yup, you heard it...I freakin love this product. I used this a lot on winter since I get chappy lips during that time, then I use the mask which can be used as a lip "scrub" as well and it takes off the dead skin cells from your lips, leaving a soft and smooth finish. Then apply your balm to keep it moisturized. You got to try this one!

Face Products

MAC Studio Fix Foundation NC40- I love this! Best liquid foundation

MAC Blot Powder in Dark- My setting powder. My must have

Cargo OneBase foundation and Concealer- This is my HG concealer. Its long wearing and gives you good coverage.

Physician's Formula Conceal Rx Physicians Strength- My under eye concealer. I got the natural light and I think its too light for me :/ But anyhow, it works.

Nars Orgasm- What not to love about this blush? ;)

Primers and base

UDPP- My very first eye primer, good stuff.

MAC paint pot in soft ochre- My current LOVE! I love the texture and consistency, really makes my eyeshadow last long.

Clinique Pore Minimizer T-zone Shine Control- This is like my face primer for now. Its not really a primer, but it helps reduce oilage whenever I wear makeup and smooths out skin.

Burt's Bees- HG lip balm on-the-go

MAC HK in pink fish- I use this on those days when I'm in a rushed and don't have time to put on balm + lipstick. Great lip conditioner!

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Yogurt- I love this stuff! Brings out the color to any eyeshadow.

ACCCKKK I forgot this one.... LIPPIES!!!

MAC Lippies in Brave and Fanfare- Pink LOVE!!! These 2 are my favorite lippies ever

Joe Fresh Lipgloss in Candy- This is one of the most glossiest, pigmented lipgloss I've used. My cousin from canada works for them, so she got me one to try ;)

MAC lustreglass in Bateaux- I'm not a lipgloss person, but this one and along with the Joe Fresh lippie is making me think of having a collection now haha. Love this one!

Last but definitely not least, Eye stuff ;)

Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara- I love how tiny it is and very compact. Packaging color is cute!

NYX trio in natural/taupe/dark brown- This is my favorite NYX trio palette!!! I love neutral colors and this is like the perfect trio palette.

MAC eyeshadow pans in (L to R) Satellite Dreams, Shroom, Dark Edge, Expensive Pink- These are my favorite and most used eyeshadows. Like I said I'm a neutral girl, I love neutral colors. I used some colors like green and blue on some days, but very often.

[Not in the picture] Kissywear eyeshadow in natural and pearl- Highlighter LOVE! Must try!

That's about it! Now I want these ladies to do the same thing...

Jackie (Narcissus Project)
Emily (Pink Monkey)

haha 20 ladies... and those of you who read this consider yourselves tagged!!! Have a great day everyone! Stay pretty xoxo


  1. great post!!! i'm really curious to try some of your HG stuff now :D

    Thanks for tagging me ^__*

  2. JB! okay don't laugh but uhhh.. i dont actually wear makeup so for me to do this tag.. it would be like empty. hahaha! thank you for thinking of me though :)


    GOOD NEWS! i got your package today and it was super exciting. the doggie plush toy too?!?!?! you're too kind!!!! and starbursts? i was still at the door and i already tore apart the wrapping to eat some. haha!

    have a good evening jb!

  3. love reading you hg products.. i can't wait to try great lash mascara.. :D

  4. Aw, you're so lucky that the Cargo OneBase works for you. It doesn't for me. :( I am still in search for my HG concealer. *cries*

  5. hehe, i love all of your eyeshadows! Especially satellite dream and expensive pink! they look so adorable! And thanQ for tagging me ^^ i don't really use much at all for makeup wise, but i shall try :P

    And also, is the great lash good?

  6. I need an eye cream too.....please tell me if u liked the anew eyecream....

  7. Joanna! hihi :D

    thanks for the tag, this seems fun lol

    hmm...that is so true about what u said, skincare is definitely very important :p
    (and i really luv your skincare stuff, haha yay now I know your secret to such great skin!! lol ^_^)
    neutrogena, anew, clinique, and the body shop

    hehe great makeup u got, ive gotta ask
    erhm...im more of a super duper beginner in makeup ive seen alot about urban decay eye primer, but i wanna know so like whats the purpose of using the eye primer...what does it do?? can u tell me, just when u have time :p greatly appreciated thanks!!(http://ohwowsorandom.blogspot.com/)

  8. i love your daily make up routine drools @0@ ..i want them too lol..thanks for tagging me hun luv yah!

  9. Hey! Thanks for tagging me!

    I also love the Mary Kay Satin Lips, but it has been ages since I had any. I'm gonna have to find some soon!

    I'll have to get around to doing this tag. Work has been keeping me super busy!

  10. That's ok....Thanks for tagging me.....I'll do it soon....BTW, Please join my giveaway......Thanks sgain...

  11. Very lovely products you use! And thanq for tagged me :) But I did it already here http://mymakeupmania.blogspot.com/2009/08/sweet-package-from-japan-my-daily.html

  12. hello!! jo! i want to try clinique's moisturizer..hehe but its expensive here...kaya ill stick with my trusty neutrogena.thanks for taggin!!!!

  13. Thanks for tagging me!
    I'll be sure to do this.

  14. hey joanna, great routine. i'm interested in the anti-aging products and I love the colors of your lippies.
    thank you for the tag. i'm not sure i have an actual routine, though. i'll try to pay more attention and get back to you, haha!

  15. will do ;)
    thank for tagging me sweetiepie!
    are all the Body Shop Seaweed Collection stuff really good? you're making me want to give them a try.

  16. OH! I like some of the stuff you use. Love Burts Bees too! Thank you for tagging me! YEY!

  17. Thanks for doing the tag..u use so many nice products, I really love ur MAC lipsticks^^so pretty ~

  18. Thanks for the tag! I will do this soon!! Loved seeing what you use daily!


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