Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tags/Awards Galore

Hello ladies! I've been tagged by a couple of my lovely readers. I know this is waaaay overdue but finally I got some free time to work on it! Who doesn't like getting tagged or getting awards? lol... I just love doing this.. it's like "using dental floss" for my brain from all these nursing knowledge lol.. my mind is just overload!!! anyways.. let's get started. :)

Award goodies :D

Thank you Zoe <3>

Thank you Adin_22 <3

Thanks you Manju,Zoe, Anastasia, Rhain :)

Thank you Zoe, Manju :)

7 things about myself that other people might find interesting

I'm EXTREMELY afraid of lizards

People who are close to me knows how terrified I am with lizards. I grew up in the Philippines and there's no single household in my country that does not have any lizards in their abode. I'm especially disgusted by household lizards for some reason.Yes, I fear them. I can't even look at a magazine or pictures with lizards on it no joke. I guess I can make an exception with Iguana's; for some reason I find them cute. Isn't it weird?!? The smaller you are the more disgusting you are to me lol.


I don't know why but I really enjoy eating airplane food... and I'm talking about a full meal, not those pretzels/peanuts with minute maid OJ by American Airlines (They're so cheap! I remember them (or what is continental airlines) giving out cheese pizza and salad for our snack and I'm talking about economy class. for reals.) That's why I love traveling outside the country because I get a full coarse meal haha.


I know I'm prolly gona get bashed or hated for saying this but I really don't get the hype and all that jazz. It's the most overrated, most obnoxious thing that has ever happened in Pop culture in this generation. And No, I haven't read the book. I plan to but since everyone was getting so much into it, my interest just completely lost. I saw the movie,unintentionally, with my family in Chicago via PPV and it just made me hate the hype even more. You want to read about vampires and all that? I suggest Anne Rice, HANDS DOWN.

I enjoy watching Ghost stuff, despite the fact that I'm still skeptical about the

I never seen a ghost, I do not believe in Ghost.. but seeing stuff like things moving on its own without any explanation is quite interesting. Although like I said, I don't believe in ghost (I'm talking about spirits of deceased human being) there are just things that are unexplainable and we kept looking for answers.

I enjoy watching Weather Documents (such as Chasing Tornadoes, studying Lightnings etc.)

I'm easily amazed what mother nature is capable of doing. Yes, I enjoy lightnings... I enjoy looking at Lightning captures/photography its truly a beauty.

I work much better under pressure

I'm not the type of person who would study for quiz 2 weeks in advance.. that will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever going to happen.lol. Besides, there's really no point. I study a day before OR hours before quiz (and sometimes I'm talking about 2-3 hours before quiz itself) and for some damn reason I do freakin good. Some people just do really good under pressure, like Doctors/nurses on ER/Trauma floor... and I guess I'm just one of those people who likes the adrenaline of making sure things get done,(and of course in the right way)

I love scary video games

I don't know why, but i love creepy stuff. Not gory, creepy. I'd rather watch scary, suspense, "jump on your seat" horror movie than the gruesome, brutal ones. My favorite silent hill will always be the original one. I'm a big Resident Evil fan and me and my bro had played every single one that came out :D

And to Emily of Pink Monkey, I'm working on your tag hun! I'll let you know when I get it done! For now that's it... who am i tagging next?? ANYONE WHO READS THIS! Consider yourself tagged, yes YOU!

Stay pretty everyone!!! :)


  1. I spy my name up there ^^
    Anne Rice FTW!! Lestat is one of the most awesome vampires ever!
    But i can't do resident Evil! i don't mind watching someone else play, and i actually think it's an awesome game but when i play my heart nearly stops each time a zombie appears T___T pretty chicken i know hAha

  2. Awww! You posted that award :) Also it's very interesting to learn more about you, totally exciting things!
    And thanq so much for visited me, you makes me blush with the comment!

  3. So interesting about you!!! I love airplane food as well, that special taste... And I think I work better under pressure, too!!

  4. congrats on all the awards~ lol lizards are kind of weird. i dont particularly like plane food but i always eat most of it cz i like food.lol.
    i never got on the twilight bandwagon either. ive never watched it because i always think the novels are better than the movie interpretation; so i was going to read the book.. but theres so much hype ive been put off.lol-- ill get there someday.
    i used to love scary vid games.. i havent been on a games console in yrs now though=__= xox

  5. I'm also afraid of lizards....but I can never eat anything on the plane that doesn't make me feel nauseous....I just hate smelling food on the plane...and we both love ghosthunters..hehe..and I also do better under pressure,I always do that in college....study an hour before exams and even got better grades than others....:D....Btw, I also tagged & awarded u...like d other day...:D sorry didn't get the chance to tell u...hehe

  6. Seriously?! you love airplane food?!
    I hate it! hahaha! I usually don't eat anything on planes! maybe a few bites... that's all!
    and congrats on all your awards!


  7. I liked your entries - Of course you know i'm going to comment on the Twilight. I was just like you - against all of it and watched the movie and wasn't even impressed at all. But i ended up reading the book and finished the whole series in a week. It was THAT good. I'm not into vampires and all that but i really liked the concept of the books! LOL!

    As for the Paranormal stuff - GIRL MEEEE TOO! I loveeeee that kind of stuff. I don't believe in ghosts but i do believe in afterlife spirits. No joke & i believe there is a difference. LOL.

  8. Congrats on your awards, hun! I think you're the only person I know that loves airplane food. Kudos to you!

  9. Household Lizards=BUTIKI! hahaha I love airplane food too!! :) I get all excited for it when we start boarding haha


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