Monday, September 7, 2009

Winner of Second Giveaway

Hello Ladies!!! I hope y'all enjoy your labor day weekend, at least I did (no clinicals today wooooottt) Anyways... I'm here to announce my second giveaway winner. I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to those who joined. I know its not much of a giveaway, but it's still a giveaway right? lol. If only I'm rich, all my followers will get something from me =) Unfortch I'm not...yet. HAHA.

I have 32 entries and of course most of you did additional entries, so a total of 48 entries! So, just like the first giveaway, I'll pick winner thru Here's the result...

And whose the lucky gal?

Drum roll please....

It's KYM FROM BEE-CREATIVE!!! WOOOOTT!!! Congrats gurlie!!!

one entry and you got it! lucky you. haha. Congratulations!

Again, thank you ladies for entering! I wish I can do this more often! Stay pretty everyone! ;)


  1. wow, congrats on the winner (better luck to next time, on your other giveaway hun)

    love lots,

  2. I was so close!! lol..
    Congrats to the winner!!

  3. i can see my name !haha
    congratz !!heheheh

  4. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMH OMH OGOMOMGGMAAA !!! EEEEEEEEEK! hahahaha!!! this made my day! okay.. now i'm going to go back and read the post. (i just skimmed and saw my name hahaha)

  5. Hello girl! ^^ thanks for dropping by my blog. :) We stayed at Holiday Inn because Adrian gets employee discount there :P

  6. ooh congrats to Kym! Great giveaway btw :D

    And yeah I agree once a guy hits me I'm out of there! I once had a guy pushed me when he got angry and even then I broke up with him incase if it "escalades"!


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