Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Check out BNI Jewelry :)

Hello Ladies!!! Goodness, its been awhile since my last post. Been really stressed out with school and other stuffs, but I'm doing fine everyone and I just did my clinical today and I did just great!

For those of you who read my last post and left me comments... namely Zoe, Ciara, Sara, Lisa Kate, rae60, ShopNChomp, Manju, Becky, Sassy J'adore, Julie (Pop Champagne), Sush, and A View from the Edge......


you guys have no idea how much you guys made me feel a lot better after reading those encouraging and sweet comments. I did better in my clinicals today you guys, despite the fact my nurse was being BITCHY towards me (yes... she would roll her eyes towards some nurses after talking to me just cuz i took all the medication out from the storage and put them on my patients medication cart.. that way i don't get flustered getting medication one by one on the system and thats how my instructor advised me to do) but her attitude didn't bring me down at all. I love you all.... I know I don't know all you personally but you guys felt like my "real life" friends and I couldn't be more happier I met so many wonderful people in the blogging universe! So once again thank you babes!!!

On to the main post... :)

A week ago, I won a contest (woot!) and its BNI JEWELRY'S Contest. BNI JEWELRY is owned by this lovely girl name NitishaB and she's a one of a kind artisan. She specialized in necklaces and bracelet using genuine swarovski crystals. Here are a couple of her amazing pieces....


This is what I won. Isn't it gorgeous or what? :)

And the best part? Shipping is FREE! So guys, check her amazing pieces and be sure to follow her to get updates from her jewelry creation :))


I love jewelries and I support handmade items; you can never beat handmade items as they are the best out there for they are made with pure creativity,effort and love.

So that's for now ladies. I got sooo many things I'd like to talk about but not enough spare time. I hope you guys aren't bored yet with my postings lol.

- I won Sara of The Makeup snob Secret Contest! It's my very first giveaway win ever!Thank you Sara!!!xoxo :)
- I'm planning to go to SF next week ladies :) LOL.. yes, I haven't purchase tix yet and God knows how much it will cost but we will see. I need a break from the stress I'm going thru and next week would be a perfect time to do so. Can't wait!!!
- Got my Ezziebell and Julu's Jewelries this week! LOVE THEM! Will post pictures in spare time :))

That's it for now ladies, take care everyone and stay pretty xoxo


  1. Glad your positively!

    The first one looks too lovely! And others hmm... I think DSK made the same...

  2. looks like you're on a roll!
    love you too beautiful ^^

  3. Yap, i think sometimes blogging friends are just like real life friends too!!

    Anyhoo congrats on winning the jewelry!!

  4. wow congrats on winning all those goodies :)

  5. Hi honey, so happy to hear you are doing better! *hugs* And congrats on winning that truly adorable necklace! :D Looking forward to seeing your Ezziebell and Julu's Jewelries loot!

  6. I own pretty much all of the fashion illustration books out there- but this one makes for a great gift as well as reference book.



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