Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cuz I can't get enough jewelries [UPDATED :)]

Hello Ladies! Its another haul post and this time I got more jewelries! (woooot!)

Made a video since i thought its a lot more "convenient" and "quicker". (Although I prefer taking pictures of course; my camera just went missing again)

Now for some vanity action :)

Classy Column Drops AB Crystal :) [Julu Jewelry]

Breezy Blue (?) hehe Earrings :) [Julu Jewelry]

Chloe Bracelet [Ezziebell Jewelry]

Sorry..being silly.

Love em? I know you do. Check these amazing jewelries by visiting there blog/website :)

Btw, I got an award from Ms. Mia :)

I've done the 6 things about you already. For those who haven't read it, click here.


You guys want to own a piece of Julu Jewelry? Steph (Owner) and Ms. Tammi of Culture Enthusiast teamed up for a giveaway contest.

The rules are:

1) Be a follower of my blog AND Steph’s jewelry site.

Optional: Subscribe to my YouTube channel & follow me on Twitter.

2) Re-post about this giveaway on your blog (if you have one). Make sure to include the picture below. If you don’t have a blog, post it on your YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or MySpace.

3) Officially enter by leaving a comment under this post. Include the link where you re-posted and submit a name for the earrings below.

All you got to do is give this piece a name!

If you guys are interested in these earrings, make sure to contact Steph, and tell her that Tammi from The Culture Enthusiast sent you! :)

Contest ends on Halloween (10/31/2009 @ 11:59pm Pacific Time). The winner will receive a Julu Jewelry piece of their choice!

Steph and I will choose the winning name together! Thanks again everyone and good luck!

GS&P (Glam Sparkle & Pop) is having a Giveway as well!

Naughty or Nice Bow Clips
Pink bow from the Princess Bows series
- Swarovski crystals necklace (crystal colors are pink and purple, the color didn't show so well in the picture)
- Other surprises!

Naughty or Nice bow clip
- Black dotted bow from the Princess Bows series
- Swarovski crystals necklace
- Other surprises!

What you have to do:

- Be a follower on both Pop Champagne and Glam, Sparkle and Pop

- Repost this giveaway on your blog with links back to both blogs above.

- Comment on this contest posting with "I Love Free Stuff" along with your blog post, and ONLY comment on the contest posting here as that will be your entry to the draw!

- Tell me if you’re naughty or nice (hint, it might correlate to which prize you get)

And that's it :D Good luck!

This giveaway is open to all bloggers, domestic and international.

Deadline: November 1st, 2009

Prizes: There will be 2 winners and here are the prizes

Click Either of the 2 Pics above to join :D

I can't believe weekend is done already. UGH. Oh well, Stay warm and pretty everyone :)


  1. woot! we updated our blogs at the exact same time ^^
    i'm going jewellery shopping this week and watching your hauls makes me look forward to it all the more.
    keep smiling lady *hugs*

  2. ooohh.i love the a sucker for long necklaces.pero di naman yung uber long ha hehe

  3. very nice haul! you didn't mention about your necklace though =)
    i notice your ruffle dress.. hehe..

  4. I love handmade swarovski jewelries. I have one pink heart necklace and I want more. I wish I can have a Crystallized Elements one, its soooo pretty and shiny!

  5. Woot! All of the jewerly is so beautiful! I love handmade items and I know where I'm going to be christmas and anniversary shopping!! (For my friends & mum!) Thanks for posting a video!

    Xox Ciara<3<3

  6. wah ahahaha your so cute and very pretty, a great model for those jewelry !

    i really like those jewelry sites too

    and congrats on the award !!!! u totally deserve it :D

    have a great great day :p

  7. I love swarovski crystal jewelries, too! Been trying to control my impulse buying of these crystals from Ezzie and DSK, but can't get enough of them =)

  8. cute video!! i agree cute jewelry is addicting!

  9. the name you picked for the contest made me laugh! (in a good way)

  10. Thanks for stopping by ; )

    I'm excited for the new website too!

  11. i think anyone can work red lipstick, u just need to look for your perfect shade ^^
    n don't worry i will ;) Going on a shopping spreeeeeeee this week! woop!! i'll post my hauls up just for youuuu ;)

  12. the jewelry you ordered from juju is nice! and you look lovely :D I also agree, practice safe sex!! lol

  13. yup... too bad the weekend is over!

    have a great week ahead, dear!


  14. hiii :)
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  15. Hi hun, you look soo adorable in your vid! Make more 'mmmkay? :) And I am lovin' those vanity action pics esp that last one...hehehe... I love custom handmade jewelry too. I totally didn't get into it until I starting blogging and finding out about all these incredibly talented bloggers! They are all so great. :D

    P.S Are you sure you have roots?! I totally don't see them in your vid. :)

  16. hiii hunnie :)
    thank you for following our blog... we're glad our spamming actually worked LOL

    anyway, if you haven't already, we hope you join our online community ( soooo you can be eligible to win in our monthly giveaways :)

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