Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finally, a BEAUTY related post : ) [ Review + Love Package from Sara]

Hello ladies! It's been awhile since I did a beauty related post. I feel like doing a review on one of my "recent" but not so recent purchases. So, I took advantage of the cherry culture Free Shipping over I believe waay back in summer, and I originally wanted to buy just one thing which is the NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk.

Since I don't want to just buy one thing I thought maybe grab some more things. So I chose to get 4 NYX Round Lipsticks.

Here are some swatches:

At first, when I saw Thalia in person, I was disappointed because it does not look any closer to the swatch they have on the website. But then when I started applying it on to my lips, I just fell in love with the color right away! I love the mauve-ish, pinkish color to it, perfect everyday lip color for someone like me who has olive skintone! Indian Pink is what I would describe as "Barbie Coral"; Its Pink with some coralish tone in it. Tea Rose is straight up girly pink for me which I really love. Iris is like light peachy nude; unfortunately, I didn't like the color at all since its making me look "pale" because my skin tone is dark. Would go great with someone who has light to medium skin tone.


- Packaging is quite unique because if you look close in the picture above, the base of the product shows the color/shade of the lipstick itself..which is pretty neat because you can just instantly grab it from your drawer just like that without having to open or read the label of the lipstick.
- Creamy Texture
- Smooth Application
- Moisturizing
- Highly Pigmented
- Extremely Cheap! I got these for $1.90 each!

- Not long lasting (Not good if you are going to eat out, needs consistent re-application)
- It has that scent to it (Ok... some people might like it. To be honest it does smell good, BUT, it quite bothers me to put something on my lips that smells almost like a perfume or a body spray. Yes, it does smell like a body spray. I don't know. Its not really a CON for some people, but I prefer my lipstick smelling like "lipstick" lol. I guess I'm just soo used to MAC's lippy smell [I can't resist those vanilla smelling lippies])

In other news, I joined Ms. Sara of secret contest and I won her grandprize! :))

Got the package this afternoon after I got from school and I thought at first maybe my BF got me something again since it didn't say where it was from and it just simply said from Fedex.

As soon as I saw makeup products (especially the HK beauty powder) I knew this was from Sara dear :))

I feeeel sooooooo loved! It's just like opening Christmas present! She nailed every item she got me! I think I might have to keep these all new until Christmas lool jk. But no kidding tho, whenever I buy new items sometimes, I don't use them right away because I want to "preserve" and "savor" the new packaging and the "brand new-ness" of it. I know I'm weird.

Thank you Sara babe!!! :) Be sure to check her website @ Amazing blogger and I do mean it :)

Halloween is coming up everyone!!! Any plans you guys have? :)


  1. I love thalia too.....I think that's my most used lipstick.....and You're so lucky to win a giveaway...:D

  2. congrats on winning the giveaway! those are such awesome prizes :)

    i'm loving tea rose, will have to get that next time get nyx stuff

  3. Congrats for winning the contest! Yay! Nice prize!!

    I like yor NYX lippies! Great colors! all of 'em!

  4. Aw! What a sweet package!

    I hate how the NYX color swatches are totally unaccurate, I always go online to find 'real' ones first. I love the colors you got, especially Iris (for me, it would work!) and Thalia! I've been trying to wear darker lip colors lately.

    I hope things have been going better for you lately with school XD

  5. Indian Pink & Tea Rose look good!

  6. i want to try those NYX round lipstick too!

    congrats on winning, and the prizes are so great! i'm with you, i usually don't use the new bought items right away too.. hehe..

  7. wow such pretty colors, there all so lovely, thanks for the swatch, i like the Tea rose one the most, its so vibrant and bright, love it!

    wow congrats on winning!!!

  8. Yeah!!!! Glad you liked everything!!! Im so excited!!! :) it found you... finalllyyyyyy :)


  9. Woah! What a GREAT love package!! ^__^ I'm jealous XD lol Lucky you~

  10. Congratz on winning her prize..please so a FOTD with them^^

  11. good way to describe Indian Pink :) i don't wear that one much, but I also love Tea Rose! :)

  12. Indian Pink looks pretty.we don't really have Nyx over here. sucks!
    seems like christmas cam early for you ;)

  13. I know exactly what you mean. The colors for NYX are so wrong. Thalia is a lovely color!

    Congrats again on your prizes! You got some awesome goodies girl.

    I honestly have no darn clue what I'm doing!!
    I think I may go with my sister to take my nephew trick-or-treating or to the Zoo Boo...who knows.

  14. What a lovely package! I love Iris against your skin.

  15. wow, sara is so generous!! congratualtions girl! I love NYX roundlipsticks. They have awesome color selection for i agree that they do not last that long and the swatches on line doesnt match in real life. I have to apply them in layers while setting them at the same time. It last quite awhile when i do that method.

  16. What a collection of colours, really beautifull colours, among them Indian Pink and Iris are most beautiful.

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