Thursday, October 15, 2009

On the Spot:: EOS Lip Balm Review (and then some)

Hello Ladies! Wow... I just realized how I don't often post in my blog that much anymore. From everyday to every 4-5 days. School is taking my life away! But no worries ladies, I still come in and check my blog daily to read y'alls posts and comments. Thank you lovelies for still stopping by and leaving sweet comments! Love you all *smooches*

Anyhow, it's been awhile... like 5 million years... since I've posted any make-up related on my blog. You guys know that school is my number one priority and unfortch, it also taken so much of my time that I sometimes (or should I say most of the time) I forgot to take care of myself. I sleep less, I eat more (I always have to munch on something every time I study..dunno why, but its a bad habit!), and I don't put makeup anymore. And on top of that.. I'm breakin out LIKE CRAZY. Believe me on what I'm about to say.... I got 7, YES 7, ZITS on my forehead right now. >_<

I'm sure some of you know this bad boy right here and got it for free as well. (Thank you Amanda for sharing!)

A little information about the EOS Lip Balm:

- EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth
- EOS is a lip balm that is 100% natural and organic lip balm....petrolatum & paraben free (as you probably don't know, petrolatum can slow down cell development and skin function.. which could lead to premature aging)
- Ingredients: antioxidant-rich vitamin E, shea butter, jojoba oil

First thing you notice is the unique shape of this lip balm. It's not you typical chaptick, cylinder tube lippy... this thing is like in a sphere container that looks like a size of a golf ball.

You open it by twisting the cap of, simple as that. As soon as I opened the cap off and saw the balm itself, it immediately reminded me of this fruit...


(Sorry... I gotta throw that one out LOL.In case you are wondering, the fruit is called Rambutan. One of my faves ;])

Anyhow, as soon as I tried it on (btw, I got "Sweet mint") it immediately reminded me of another product that I've been using for years now... Burt's Bees. Its cooling, soothing, and moisturizing. Is there any difference? Yes. I find the EOS a tad smoother to apply on. Another thing is that its more long lasting compared to Burt's Bees. Burt's Bees works for me, but It dries my lips quickly compared to the EOS. So yes, the EOS is more longer lasting compared to the Burt's Bees.

To summarize...


- Company claimed to be 95% organic (no petrolatum, no paraben)
- Smooth application
- Cheap...$3.29
- Has that cooling or soothing sensation
- Long lasting


- uhm... as much as I am fascinated about the shape of this thing, I find it quite inconvenient to carry around. Its quite big! I don't think this thing would fit some of my wristlets.. so I might have to go with my HG.. which is carmex.

So have any of you tried this product? What do you think about it? ;)

Halloween is almost around! I don't think I'll be going to any party this year... too much work! I'll be staying with my family handing out some candies to cute kiddos in our neighborhood. I want to hear you guys' plans this halloween!

I'm feeling there's gona be a lot of MJ Thriller this halloween for costume. Whadya think?

Now that's wazzup :D

Stay pretty everyone!xoxo


  1. Wow creepy zombie MJ. I like rambutan too!~ They're in season right now and I can't stop eating them. Hehe...

  2. I like rambutan too......and I agree with u... a lot of people don't like eos lip balm...but I love it....

  3. HI! I am finlly can see comments section again!

    The lip balm looks pretty fun! The round shape is something unique :P

    AWW! I can clearly understand what you feel now. Coz I a braking all the time! Hope your skin feel better soon!

  4. lycheee?!?!?! (is that the same as rambutan? haha) <3 i've missed you girl! but lifes been crazy busy for me too! hope you're doing well though, add me on fb so we can keep in touch better! :)

  5. *new follower* hehe =) I love my EOS but I also agree it is kinda big >_< I also have like 7 zits on my forehead that came outta nowhere too =( lol

  6. Rambutan! LOL! I hate eating rambutan. The seed's exterior (white part) is soooo soft! I wanna eat it whole. MORE LOLS! Hahaha! :))
    And oh, I love Carmex!
    I can totally relate. Medical-surgical nursing would have to be the hardest subject. Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great! :)

  7. lol you funny girl, I laughed when you threw in the photo of Rambutan! the lip product looks interesting!

  8. the shape of this thing is ....interesting.....hahaha! i like rambutans ^^
    oh Joanna, you should so come over and find out how it is for yourself xD, yu could stay at my place and we'd bum around the beach all day haha

  9. That's an adorable lipbalm!!! I agree with you, it does resemble a rambutan!

  10. I tried it, I love it! =D Plus I got it for free. I wish I could had got the pink one.

  11. the packaging is so cute!
    but just like what you said, it's too big to throw in the pouch..

    but then, im all for the packaging!

    thanks for the bday greeting,hun!
    you don't need to send me anything at all...really

  12. OH wow that is one weird lipbalm! I cant imagine using that in public for retouching lol! people would probably give me weird looks :D

    But its so great to hear a lipbalm that has no petroleum and is paraben-free! I'm looking for that, since I'm just using a 75% organic tinted lipbalm.

    Also, xD Yes, I wiki-ed!


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