Sunday, October 25, 2009


Hello ladies! I did post earlier and for some reason it just magically got deleted. wtf happened? I dunno. I actually made a video, but I won't put it up anymore since I was talking about the contest ending soon and the contest is done already, so go figure. :)

But anyhow, IF you still want to join... feel free to contact me :) I'm not going to be a major strictler on my first contest... as long as you give it before I announce the winner, which is on halloweeen day, October 31. Again, thank you ladies for participating! I'm happy that I got at least 6 entries, you girls are amazing!!!

Chicago bears Pumpkin. Pretty sick right? :)

In other news, for those of you who read my last post and/or following me on twitter, I finally bought my netbook :) Its a dell inspiron mini Diane Berti Limited edition. I like the design, but to be honest I don't know about the color. I thought the background was purple but it turned out to be deep gray. so im like ohh @_@... but oh well, its sooo tiny and light. ive never had a netbook so im not used to it lol... anyways, here's a look at my baby :)


Close. Look at the intricate detail, reminds me of henna design :)

The screen is only a fourth of our PC monitor.

In other gooooodie news, I'm going to see my Boo in 2 weeks!!! yaaay!!! I dunno if y'all following me off twitter and I think I mentioned it too in one of my blog post, I'm suppose to visit him in frisco. But things came up, ticket price skyrocketed unexpectedly so we had to move it on a different time. Its cheaper from SF to Central Illinois no doubt lol. But I wish I can go to SF instead, if only I'm not that busy with school.. hmph!

Now my problem is what are we gona do here in Champaign? He's been here many times I'm just running out of things to do. Central Illinois ftw. I'm thinking of taking him to East Peoria so we can play at the casino and real poker (Btw, I'm addicted to online poker these days. its been a roller coaster ride lol)

But seriously tho, any suggestions? We've done pretty much everything we can do here in my small town (eat, walk in the park, walk in the campus, mall,drive around, play bball, play wii, eat more again, play guitar hero, eat again etc) Chicago is 3 hours away, its a freakin hassle to drive all the way there.

Don't forget everyone... Sephora Friends and Family Sale 2009. Code: FF2009 to get 20% off. Starting October 19-November 2, 2009.

Take advantage of this offer, but I won't let Sephora take advantage of me this year lol. Good deal tho.

I can't believe its monday once again. I never get to savor weekend no more. I hope y'all try to enjoy your monday! Can't wait to announce the winners! xoxo


  1. joannaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hello sister :)

    nice notebook!
    hey! advance happy halloween!

  2. I like your computer! Pretty! Im jealous, lol!


  3. wow! your netbook is so cute!!!
    how i wish i have one too....

  4. hello jo!!nice notebook!!love the design...gmask here costs 5000php..for a small notebook..hahaha.i dont have twitter...i dont know how it works ahaha.anyway im happy for you that you'll meet ur boo in 2 weeks.

  5. kahit nga notebook i cant afford eeeh!hehe.gmask yun yung lalagyan mo ng skin or designs yung laptop or notebook mo.para maprotect from scratches...kasu mahal eh.

  6. everyones getting a netbook nowadays but i still dont even know exactly what it is. hahaha i'm so behind. ;P

  7. Nice purchase! Computer looks great!

    I can't wait to see the contest dram roll AAAAA! So excited!


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