Saturday, November 14, 2009

The BF Visit =)

Hello babies! So I finally uploaded pics in the computer and put them on my multiply account.

It was just a short but sweet visit from my BF. (3 days) We haven't seen each other for almost 5 months before that and decided we need a break from this long distance thing. Yes, long distance sucks balls :(

Originally, I'm the one whose suppose to visit him in Frisco last month; but things came up and unfortunately I can't go there due to school schedule and other issues. So he decided he'd go visit me instead.

So, nothing extremely special this trip. I mean, what else can we do here in central illinois tell me? He's been here couple of times already and we've done pretty much what we can do here (like there's a lot of things to do in here in the beginning haha) Just being with him is all I ask, and I'm very happy to see him after 5 long, agonizing months.

WARNING: Heavy Pics, FOOD PORN particularly. I'm not going to post all pictures, just some. Viewer's discretion is advised. :) BF is "camera shy" and he wouldn't let me put up pics without his permission! So basically, the pics you are about to see is 20% places 10% me and 70% food! haha.


First thing he wanted to do as he arrived was to eat at Kamakura. Last time he was here, we ate here as well and he fell in love with the japanese dressing salad. (Which is, by far, THE BEST salad we both ever tasted. EVER)

Inside. Waitress passed by... creepy effect. haha.

Miso fcking soup

Japanese House Dressing Salad aka The best salad in the face of the planet :D

Beef Teriyaki for my boo, I had chicken teriyaki and forgot to take of a picture of it!

Finally arrived at his hotel and I was surprise to see how NICE our room was. Bed was extremely comfortable.

Flat screen TV. Can't get that with just any 2 and a half star hotel (Yes, 2.5 star) ;)

Night time :)


HI :)

Vanity action before our next food stop.

We went to EVO for some Bubble tea (yuum!) but decided to eat there as well. I got Beef pepper steak :)

BF wanted the Hot and Sour soup soo bad, and that's all he got! And of course we got some Taro Milk teas!

Back to the hotel, just taking a pic of the hotel nearby.

First thing he did when we got back...

... watched 49ers game replay

Tired but happy

Midnight cravings! We got some philly cheesesteak and buffalo wings sandwhich from Gumby's! ^_~


Last food stop... Biaggi's :)

Bread was soo yummmy.

Appetizer.. can I say best bruschetta ever?? OMG, its soo delicious!

Babe got some Strawberry Daquiri. mmm.

I got Chicken Pietro. It was really good at first few bites but then it started to taste a bit salty... so I neutralized it with some bread haha. The chicken was soo tender tho. Not bad.

Lobster bisque for my boo. For some reason my boo didn't really order a big meal during this trip.. just mostly soup and sandwhich. You in a diet nigga? haha. Jk babe.

Then we just kinda chill in the park for some time. My feelings were definitely mixed during this time :/

Our only pic together this trip haha. Omg.. I look like a PIG. sorry.

Of course, I went home bawling my ass of with tears :( Its hard being away from a love one. I miss you already...ever trip we had together I just miss him even more, its a torture. But one day we will be together. I love you babe.. thank you for visiting me. :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend ladies!


  1. awww
    thanks for sharing the pic,hun!
    the food looks great!
    good thing its sunday & i dont have a class

    im sure you had a great time
    at least you & bf had so much fun together

    absence makes the heart grow fonder. im sure that the next time the 2 of you are together again it's gonna be the bomb!

    *crosses fingers on the boxing result*

  2. OMG, i hate you for making me drooling over the food porn!! j/k of course. i still love you :D

    you look so cute and sweet with your bf. my sister and her hubby were having long distance relationship too, but they are now happily married. i'm sure you will be together with your bf soon!

  3. awww, what nice pictures! :D I loved being able to see your guy's trip. The food porn is making my tummy rummble & I'm practically drooling over my computer screen =b LOL

    And girl, I know exactly how you feel when it comes to long distance. Raymond and I are like so far away & it is HARD :( Things do not always go as planned & just *sadface* to it all.
    But I'm so glad that you guys had a good trip together <3 ^__^

  4. food porn is always the best :)
    btw you & the bf are too cute <3

  5. im so glad you got to see each other!!! im sure you had an amazing time!! and ate like kings!! it all looks so yummy!

  6. creepy effect !lol u r cute !haha
    eekk i want the cheese steak !and ur bf's diamond earring !i have a thing for studded diamond earrings at the moment !lol

  7. you look so happy here jo =)

    i cant say anything, but i hope you and your bf would be a happy couple forever =)

  8. waaahhahaha... all the foodporn! yum! I love hot and sour soup! and the bisque looks great!
    looks like you two had a great time! Yay!


  9. oh my goodness! girl, you made me hungry!!! i am so hungry with your food porn! yayness for the 2 lovebirds :)

  10. Awww at least you guys got to spend time with eachother! Long distance is extremely tough. :/

  11. ohhh awesome looks like you had a great time with the bf and all the food is yummm :D

  12. Aww...super sweet of your boo to go visit you. :) Love the pic of you two. And dang girl, that food porn is off the chain crazy yummy looking!

  13. The food looks sooo good! Makes me hungry!

    Awww i'm happy you're happy sweetie! Glad you were able to finally spend some quality one on one with my man. It's always the best but don't forget that distance makes the heart grow fonder!

    You two are sooo adorable together :D


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