Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bob Ross is the cure for my insomia


This afternoon I was talking to my bf while he's working (yup... he can talk to me while he's on
duty cuz he works for his uncle... SPOILDEY!) then he mentioned "Oh it's Bob Ross on TV"

I grew up watching The Joy of Painting by Bob Ross. Well, not really watching it religiously, but I remember.. before lunch time with family, I'd turn on the TV and flipped it to this channel (I believe it was RPN back in the Philippines?) and would see Mr. Ross do what hes gifted at which is painting.

Not until High School did I realize he was gifted at something else.... Putting me to sleep :p

LMAO. This guy is a smooth talker. I remember going home from school back in HS..I'd just lay down on our coach, get some snack on, and tune in to PBS and watch him do his thang. 5 minutes later.. I'm on la-la land zzzzz

Here's something to make you guys LOL...

LMAO. ahhh... he'll be truly miss.

Thanksgiving is coming up! Its the time of the year when you are to gain 10 lbs in one night. HA! Plus, we are doing a surprise birthday party for my granny who will turn 80 this year! Make that 20 lbs... HA!

Any special plans babies? What you guys looking forward to this year's thanksgiving? Love to hear from y'all!

Have a great wednesday! xoxo


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  1. OMG!
    i'm feeling sleepy already!
    i need to watch him if i can't sleep. i can't remember this being shown here.

    I need to buy myself a set of an insomiac..
    maybe this'll help me

    a surprise party for your grandma
    im sure she'll be thrilled

  2. is it sad that i've never heard of bob ross! =S

    and ahhh, i wish i could gain 10 lbs from thanksgiving but our thanksgiving is over (Back in october) and ironically i was in the STATES at that time which is why i missed it. hahaha!

  3. i have no idea who the guy is .... >_<

    no thanksgiving over here. i'm so jealous of all the gorgeous foooooooooood you're gonna eat!!!! not jealous abt the weight gain though hahaha

    omg Joanna, that's like catporn or something WTF!! bwahahahaha

  4. LMAO! So he's spent time in asylums in eight states huh? Hahaha! I forgot all about this show until your post. He was so mellow I think he was on something. :P

    For Thanksgiving, I will either be at my 'rents or in laws. Don't know yet. How sweet of you to give your granny a surprise b-day! :) 80 is a huge milestone!!!

  5. omg jo!

    i also grew up watching bob ross! yes, he was always on channel 9 !

    he inspired me to join a painting class but i stopped after a month. well, fisrt of all, i am not a great painter! i cant draw! haha!

    awww... i miss his big hair =(

  6. OH MY GOSH, how come I didn't put 2 and 2 together!!! He made me pass out soooo fast, I loved it!!

    Can't wait for Gobble Gobble Turkey Day, SOOOO much to be thankful for!!!


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