Sunday, November 1, 2009

Chicago Weekend :) [ plus blog tweaked]

Hello ladies! How's everyone's Halloween? I hope you guys had fun and well behaved haha.

First of all I decided to tweak my blog just a bit. I'm going for the less is more kinda theme. As you can see, I took the left column bar and just will just have the right one. I just want to keep it all simple... cuz having 3 columns kinda look messy and everywhere. So... yay or nay? I really don't care haha.

Anyways, no costume party for me this year. I decided to just go to Chicago to visit my lola (thats grandma in filipino) and its been awhile since I was in Chi-town.

So how did I spend my Halloween? Watched Ghost Hunters Live for 6 hours LOL. Its nerdy mode ya know. I chose to be scared than to be drunk this year :D

We left Saturday morning. As soon as we got there, we went directly to Super H Mart, which is this huge ass korean/asian store. We decided to just eat there since they got these food stands that seems to be just calling our names lol.

NOTE: Heavy Pictures and I apologize for the pic quality. I have a ghetto ass camera phone and I didn't bring my camera with me.

Waiting for the grandma. This place is huge! Possibly the biggest asian store I've ever been to.

Aaaannnddd look what I found! The got The Face Shop here! When I hear TFS, it instantly reminds me of Anastasia! haha... I went and got some goodies! :)

Food stands! Everyone is feeling japanese so we got some bento boxes :)

OMG, I miss you already! :(

Then we head to different places that I am not aware of. Why, you ask? Cuz I spent the next 2 hours sleeping in the car haha.

So we got to the apartment. Just as I thought that I will be able to hack someones wifi connection, I failed. So decided to head downtown and find the nearest cafe/starbucks whatever.

Train takes fcking forever, so I took a pic of the Sears (now Willis.. but I will always call it Sears Tower thank you very much) tower while waiting.

Had some issues with the train route and all, they got some major construction but that didn't make me lose my way around downtown. Central Illinois Girl FTW.

I managed to find the nearest starbucks and stayed for 1.5 hours (Starbucks Wifi is not free and a rip off! Charge 3.99 for 2 hours max. Pffft...) And I saw a couple of trick or treaters comin in!

Starbucks and I are like this ;)

Random train shot. Heading back to the apartment cuz its getting cold. No MAKEUP BUY despite the fact the new ULTA in state street is 3 stores away from Starbucks :D *pats back.

An attempt but obvious fail to take a picture of our view from the apartment. The apartment is in the very corner of the building so you can see a great panoramic view of downtown Chicago. Very lovely :)

Next morning, we went to Bolingbrook to visit my other grandma. We stop by to one of my favorite places on earth.

I tell ya... its like disneyland for adults. I LOVE IKEA! They got really nice and very affordable furnitures!

And this is pretty much the highlight of my trip. The infamous Swedish Meatballs. Foodgasm to the max!

Unfortunately, my phone went low-batt and won't let me take pictures. BOO!

Now I present the Hauls...

From The Face Shop. I got 3 facial mask (Tea tree, Collagen, and Pearl) and a Purifying Egg White peel (tube on left) that this lady recommended. She gave me and extra mask and a sample serum as well! Sweeeeeeet :)

From IKEA. I got me some new table lamp! My lamp hasnt been working for ages and is still there for aesthetic purposes. You get to design/create/build your own lamp and I chose a hot pink one haha. Lamp set cost like 20 bucks! Great deal! Pink slippers cost 1.59 I believe. Another great deal! All came down to just 23 bucks :)

I tried putting the bulb on and I realized we got the wrong one. ugh! The screw thing was too big and won't fit in! I still insisted that maybe if I just push harder I will be able to screw it in and this what happened...

Kids, don't try this at home.

Oh well... I guess I don't get to see the whole thing until maybe tomorrow when I get the RIGHT bulb. Here's the full look if you are interested...

If this doesn't scream "IM SUCH A GIRL" then I don't know what does. haha.

And thats about it. Back to reality. Its monday again wtf?!? Sigh... well I hope y'all enjoy your Halloween weekend! Can't wait to read everyones post ;)

Stay freakin ass pretty everyone xoxo


  1. eek i want the bento box and swedish meatballs !loll!
    what a trip !must be really fun !loll

  2. hey, came across your page which i think is super cute btw :) which mean im following, if you don't mind of couse :D

    oh & youre definitely right about IKEA, being like disneyland for adults lol

  3. Seems you changed your blog style! Looks fresh!

    Xoxo~ ThanQ so much for that sweet member of me :) You're so pretty!
    Lovely haul! I have peel mask but mine is honey, hope you'll like the products!

    Have a great day dear!

  4. i like to shop at IKEA too!
    what a coincidence, i also just bought a few masks from TFS :D

  5. lol...THE FACE SHOP reminded me of Anastacia too! The bento box looks yummy!

  6. hahaha I've done the same thing with te light bulb too! I hate it when it breaks but the screw part of it is still screwed into the wall >< Your weekend looks fun dispite no costumes :D I can't watch scary movies, I'm the biggest wimp, I saw Paranormal Activity and couldn't sleep for 3 nights hahaha

  7. that one H-Mart is huge....there's an H-Mart in MD which is just a grocery...I have those face shop mask from walgreens but haven't used it yet...pls. tell me if u liked it...

  8. A PINK LAMP!!!! hehe i likes i likes xD
    i'm surprised, i always thought the starbucks wifi was free everywhere. anyway, gosh, all your food looks absolutely delishhhhh!!!!

    p.s. i feel much better thanks :D and i think that name is hilarious, makes me sound like some dumb spoilt paris hilton ahahhaha, whtever rocks your boat ;)

  9. I LOVE the new blog look. It looks clean and sleek, ya know?! Looks like you had so much funn! i was reading your tweets! haha! =) I've never been to IKEA before, roadtrip time?! Haha!
    --Ciara<3<3 =)

  10. Is that ghost hunter stuff real? I like watching it, but my bro says it's faked... dunno. nice new layout! if you're looking for a new layout, check out this site

  11. Haha...this post made me laugh. "It's Sears, bitch!". :P I went to Chi-Town once and definitely had a great time. Your post makes me want to go back soon!

    Love ur haul and of course that food porn!! :)

  12. omg, that wud be the most unforgettable awesome whacked wedding ever! xD haha love it! i hope i'll be invited ;P

  13. cute lamp, and oh no! Good thing you didn't get hurt or anything :[

    I love IKEA too!! :]

  14. ahhh super H-mart! I've been to that one!!! ^_~

    I just found an H-mart in Seattle, I was way excited lol


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