Friday, November 13, 2009

"Cuz I'm a free bitch, baby" GAGA over GAGA

Hello Ladies! So I just saw Lady Gaga's new video yesterday. And oh my freakin God.... LURVE IT! I freakin love Lady Gaga's Skank-inesss! haha. Here's her new video/song Bad Romance....

What do y'all think??? BRILLS!!! Love how she's not ur typical, mediocre pop star. She's a supernova. Btw, you guys heard that her and cyndi lauper are going to be the next MAC ambassadors? SUPER BRILLS!!

I'll post pictures of THE BF visit soon and something else that you should all be watching for *..give..cough.. away...cough cough* haha. I'm winking at y'all.



  1. hehe lady gaga always has the best mv's !!

  2. I love Lady GaGa! My BF thinks i'm weird for being such a fan of hers but i love her unique and creativeness! Her new video was so entertaining!


    I GOT MY PACKAGE TODAY! Thank you so much! Love it all, and you're right - the perfume smells so good! Can't wait to try some of it out!

    Post your pictures soon! I wanna see!

  3. Haha...she's on a planet of her own isn't she? ;) I'm envious of her hair when she's wearing that black outfit! Oh yeah, giveaway!!! XD

  4. Crazy, I love it! It's great that MAC's doing a Viva Glam collection with her and Cyndi Lauper. I can't wait to see the colours!

  5. i always think that Lady Gaga's vids have a certain edge on it! it's futuristic, gothic, weird, beautiful, ( i can't think of more adjectives, but you know what im saying..hehe) that's why she is the bomb!


    wanna see the pic!
    just tell me ahead if it's a food porn because i have a bad habit of reading posts while im in class..hehe

    good thing i did not say crepe or dessert the time that i was in!

  6. I've heard the song so many times but I just watched the video here! I love alL LAdy Gaga videos! she is great with dancing and she is just fabulous! Love her crazy outfit, hair and makeup!!! :)

  7. I think she makes great, new and kinda strange videos and that counts for her style too. I don't really like her, but do respect that's so smart being totally different than other artists. And some of here songs are really catchy!


  8. Saw that video and it creeped me out both for gaga's eyes (is she the new ulzzang?! haha) and me thinking that "this.. this is the future of music video making??" haha but the concept is awed me though

  9. haha~~ lady gaga never ceases to shock me.haha.. her mv's are getting crazier. she looks beautiful in the close up shots though!~ xox


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