Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Down Memory Lane: San Francisco Summer 09 =)

Hello ladies! While I'll try to upload some pics from the recent bf visit, just feel like reminiscing on the last time me and my boo before his last visit. I visited him in Frisco in May 2009 this year, and it was a fabulous trip! How I wish we could've done a 2nd frisco trip this year, but oh wellzziee.

QUICKIE: I did my 4 patient yesterday and I brought down the mothereffing house!!! lool. That was pretty much the "make it or break it" slash "do or die" part of this semester. I still have one more (technically 2 but ima skip the other one bwahahaha) clinical left on the floor and im DOOONE bitches :D

I'll let the pictures speak for themeselves ;) (of course with captions)

WARNING: Heavy Pics and Serious Food porn.

What Frisco is known for of course ;)

Downtown Frisco

Boo treated me with some Sephora. Pardon the goofy look.

Ridiculously Good Crepe by Marina

The Ridiculously delicious Crepe (Chicken spinach with some cheese and tomato on it)

Me being a tourist. Hearts at the Union Square.

Cheesecake Factory for Dinner! ;)


We ate outside. It was a bit chilly but not bad.

Mango strawberry smoothie is and will always be LOVE

Bang Bang Chicken and Shrimp

Chicken Marsala

View from our hotel. We got lucky the lady gave us a Bay view room with no extra charge! Our hotel is nearby the airport so you can actually see planes landing to SFO. (and if you look really close in the picture, you see one hehe)

Big and comfy bed.

And I won Winnie the Pooh on the crank machine at Eggettes. :D

More Creperie Action.

Lovely Houses

Seafood Wharf

Cute bread! I want the turtle one :D

The Golden Gate bridge. We took a boat tour. It was freeezing cold!


At&t park. Or what I call "The stadium that has a Coke Slide". Its true tho.

@ Elephant Bar

You prolly figured out by now that I am a smoothie person ;)

Crispy Chicken Teriyaki. nomnomnomnomnom. lol

My baby's baby lil sister. She's so cuuute :)

good ol creme brulee

Rita's dessert. And yes, we had to help her finished it all up because it was freakin huge.

Now, I'm soo craving for food lol. Kinda have to expect that one. I hope you enjoy these pics! I know, I got really nothing to say or post for now *yawn, yawn and yawn* Will post recent pics soon!

I just want to say Thank you to all of you ladies who continue to support and read my blog. It meant so much to me, so much. When I started blogging, I thought I'd be just blogging on my own... who knew couple months later I got 170 lovely followers! I can't thank you girls enough. I love blogging and will continue to do so despite the fact I'm busy with school here and there. You guys are amazing!

Stay safe from the flu and have a great tuesday! xoxo


  1. wonderful pictures. they make me hungry! :D

  2. i wanna go tehre !boat trip at golden gate bridge !seafood wharf !yeayy !
    i cant see any plane on the pict btw !hehe

  3. Thanks for the pics and fond memories of my hometown!!

    Great food porn!

  4. wow, San Francisco! seems like a great place to go. what did you buy from Sephora? :D
    love the food porn!

  5. Aww! That looks like so much fun! I've never been there but I want to go!! I LOVE the Cheesecake Factory! They have such good food! I got some sort of Thai dish with a peanut sauce and it was so bombin! Haha! Looks like you had an awesome time! Have a great day!!

  6. Yay to you bringing down the mothereffing house! Omg, that foood!!! *drools* I love me a good smoothie too...hee hee. :D I haven't been up to the Bay Area in a looong time. Might be time to go back soon.

  7. *mmmmm* crepes! and mango/strwb smoothie!!! YUMMMM! but what is a Bang Bang Chicken ?!?!? haha! ;P

  8. those food pictures make me hungry! I especially like the crepe one! :)

  9. oh man, I really want to go there. I love crepes too! Thanks for sharing!

  10. foooooooooooood!
    also, your bf is really sweet to you, hope my bf is also like that. I'm jealous, since he's not really romantic and such.I hope he continues to make you happy.

  11. i wasn't able to comment yesterday when i saw your post because i was in class but you made my mouth water...

    how so?

    i was talking about homeschooling with one of my student when i opened your post & since im so caught up with the pics, i didn't realize that i said "food" instead of "tool"


    my student asked me if im hungry & i said 'yes'

    love the pics,hun!
    everything looks amazing!

    its really so nice of your bf to visit you
    so sweet!

  12. I just ate dinner and those pics made me hungry again. lol. =)

  13. 'more creperie action' actually sounds delightfully sinful, or i'm just weird that way haha


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